Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Stuff

Finished my Christmas shopping today. At least, everything I'm going to buy! Thank goodness for gift cards is all I have to say! Now all that is left is the baking. I am only making Puppy Chow, peanut butter and kisses cookies and a Tiramisu bowl. Should be able to do it all on Christmas eve without any problems.

Hope I didn't just jinx myself by saying that!!

I don't think I mentioned the fiasco involving the flowers for my mother-in-laws funeral a while ago. To make a long story short the flowers that I had ordered to be from the family arrived at the funeral home after the funeral had begun and were not even a casket spray. So my mother in law had no flowers on her casket! Repeated phone calls at the time of the funeral were only more frustrating because they were closed and I kept getting the answering service!

The next day I wrote them a long complaint letter and sent them a picture of the flowers we got. It took a few weeks but someone from the flower company finally called me on Friday. She was very apologetic and could not have been nicer. The best part was that not only did I get a full refund of my money, but yesterday we received this:

So I forgive them!


Sally said...

It's beautiful. :)

Grandma K said...

The funeral home did not publish the obit for my dad when he died. He was 93, and I had moved him away from "home" where the funeral was to be to care for him. So there were there were exactly eight people at his service. They even botched up the opening of the crept, and didn't think he would be placed that day. They had charged us for a motorcycle escort - that certainly wasn't needed nor used, and so on. I wrote them a very hot letter and did manage to get some money back. These providing services at this time need to be very aware of the feelings that abound at times like this.

I am glad you got something back - money and flowers. They certainly owed that much to you!

Donna said...

I love the pine swag in your blog header BTW! It is beautiful!

That was nice of the flower shop to make amends. They should when they do wrong!

from my front porch... said...

Good for you! Forgiveness is a sweet thing :)
Can you post your recipe for Puppy Chow~it is for pups, right?

Yep, we have a wonderful couple that will house-sit for us while we are gone! She is a great horsey person, and loves all our kids. And Annie adores her! She helps me out at the barn, often. So she knows their routine. Her hubby and J are best buddies!
If I don't back here...
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!
xo, misha and the gang!

Donna said...

Oh goodness girl...but is Is pretty!

Brenda said...

I'm glad your done shopping, now if I could finish too! I love the "we're sorry" arrangement. It's nice to know there are nice folks still around.

Merry Christmas my friend!