Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Photo February #1

I've decided to do a photo a day post for the month of February to see if I can motivate myself to post more often.

I'm going to post a photo or two I take everyday.  

Since I am one day late posting I am going to post yesterdays picture today and today's picture tonight. 

This is a pin that I made for my mom when I was a child. I found it in a box in the closet of my dads bedroom. 

I think I was in Camp Fire Girls at the time so I was maybe 8 or 9. I remember I wanted to just make dots with the green paint but it ran down one side so I had to change the whole design!

Then topped it off with glitter!

Rich says it looks like the earth!

Until later tonight.   


Sally said...

It does - Rich nailed it. :)

I'm sure this was a treasure to your mom, buddy.


Oh, and how wonderful you'll be posting every day. I look forward to seeing your pics.

Paula Kaye said...

Very sweet!

Grandma K said...

I am looking forward to your pictures! And isn't it amazing what we mothers keep. I know I am more apt to keep anything my kids have given me!