Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Photo February #2

The FitBit on my ankle

I got a FitBit for Christmas this year. I have been wearing it religiously every day. I was wearing it on my wrist but found that it wasn't very accurate. When I would move my arm but not walk it would still register steps and when I was walking but not moving my arm it wouldn't register the steps I was taking.

Finally someone suggested wearing it on your ankle and now it is much more accurate. I am surprised how many Steps I do walk every day. Consistently over 10,000.

Of course the band is too small for my ankle so have to tuck it in my sock but whatever works!

Until tomorrow


Judy said...

I just can't have one of those things!
I would be so depressed by days end, but you are a working gal and working gals walk the offices and halls a lot of steps!!!
Good for you!

Sally said...

Good for you, buddy! And, yes that's a lot of steps each day.

I tried using the monitor on my phone once when I mowed the grass. But, for some reason I keep forgetting to wear it. Of course, I've only mowed once this winter.


Paula Kaye said...

Good for you! I just remain lazy! 10,000 steps is great!