Thursday, June 16, 2016

Weekly (and a half) Catch Up

Well, I have good intentions anyway!

Anyway, two weeks ago my next door neighbor Sue had her wooden deck ripped out with the intention of having a cement patio put in. The salesman asked our permission to take the fence between our properties down so they could fit their equipment  in. We said sure of course. They promised for only a few days. They came in, took the fence down and prepared the area for the cement. 

That was almost two weeks ago and they haven't been back since! We don't care about the fence but Sue is fit to  be tied!

See my gigantic hosta?

It's got to be 4 feet across. It sure must love that spot!!!

I took a panoramic picture of my office. I don't know how well this will show up. 

It looks nicer than it really is! 

Well that's all I have for the moment. 

Going to Shauna and Brads Saturday for Fathers Day. Chris and Marissa will be there, too. Always a fun time!

Until the next time. 


Sally said...

I sure understand how Sue must feel; hoping they're not one of those fly by night companies.

Your Hosta is gorgeous, buddy. I love it.

Happy Father's day to your hubby. I know y'all will enjoy being together on Sunday. :)

Your office does look nice!


Paula Kaye said...

Is that wall in your office purple?? That hosta is huge!! And so pretty!

Judy said...

It seems that all my perennials, including the Hosta's, are gigantic this year. Must have been all that nice wet snow we had in April?