Sunday, January 20, 2019

Dog Days of Winter

We are thick into the worst two months of the year, January and February. We got our first significant amount of snow, about 5 inches and it's been very cold the last few days! Come on Spring!

One good thing was Maxwell turned 2 on January 8th. Shauna and Brad had about 25 people over for a party. He's kind of shy and not used to a lot of people being around but he did ok though and warmed up after a while. He spent a lot of time watching all the other little kids there play with his toys!

Between Christmas and his birthday this guy has lots of toys!

Levi just laid around being his cute self and hanging with his brother!

He's almost 4 months old and has two little teeth in the front

In sad news, we had out beautiful cat Zoe put to sleep on January 2nd.

She was our loner cat.  She didn't care too much for the other cats and spent most of her time in our bedroom. She would rarely come to us for affection, but if you went to her and gave her love, she was very sweet and affectionate, and she had a very loud purr!

She also had the most gorgeous, sea-green eyes! I miss her a lot!

Until the next time.....

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Christmas 2018

Christmas of 2017 I started a tradition of getting personalized ornaments for Maxwell and Levi. We just had Maxwell last year and went to Bronner's Christmas Store in Frankenmuth sometime over the summer to get his. It's huge store with thousands of ornaments and other Christmas decorations.  There was hardly anyone there and it was easy to find a cute one and have it personalized with Maxwell's name and the year. We even walked around and looked at all of the other stuff they have there.

This year between selling our house, buying another and moving we didn't get a chance to go until a week after Thanksgiving. Big difference! We got there about a hour after they opened on a Sunday and ended up having to park at the very far end of the parking lot. Then it was wall to wall people and you could hardly move. I was able to find the identical ornament I purchased for Maxwell to have personalized for Levi and a cute one for Maxwell's 2nd Christmas. Then it was a hour wait to have them personalized! Anyway, here they are:

I don't know why this is sideways!

And here is Maxwell and Levi's First Christmas ornaments hanging together!

This year we are going again in August! If we don't get a chance to I will order them online!

Christmas was nice. I didn't take a lot of pictures. We spent Christmas Eve at my oldest brother Jim's house and Christmas Day we went to Shauna's because they were hosting Brad's family.

That's about it so far. Tomorrow is New Years Eve. We are going to dinner and them maybe the casino and will probably be home by midnight! I'll leave you with some random pictures!

We got Maxwell this teepee and a rocking horse for Christmas. He was not impressed with either one! 

This is my favorite picture of Levi! All ready to go look at Christmas lights with his mom, dad and brother!

Maxwell playing with one of his many, many toys he got!

This little cutie is 3 months old already!
I can hardly believe Maxwell is going to be 2 in a few weeks! Time sure flys!

Until the next time......