Thursday, July 27, 2017

Maxwell Grayson

My little grandson Maxwell is already 6 months old!

He's got two teeth.

He loves green beans, sweet potatoes, bananas, peaches and apples!

He hates peas!

He's a perfect combination of Shauna and Brad.

In the above picture he looks a lot like Brad.

But in this one he looks just like Shauna!

He's been rolling from his stomach to his back for a while not but he just learned to roll from his back to his stomach.

He's drooling like crazy right now so we expect those top teeth to break through anytime!

He's totally got me wrapped around his cute little finger!

Until the next time....

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Off My Phone

I'm on vacation this week so I figured I probably should post something, and there is always random pictures off of my phone to show so....

I made a rotisserie chicken in my slow cooker that came out really good!

Saw a group called Magic Bus at a outdoor concert in a park by my house. The play 60's music if you can't tell that from the stage. The singer in the black dress got over heated half way thought the concert and had to leave. It was pretty hot out!

Giant hippie at the park!

All my sibs went along with some friends! Here we are waiting for the concert to begin. You see how crowded the park is? Those Friday night concerts are very popular!

Spent one night in Tawas just to get away for a bit. This is a scenic overlook of the Au Sable River. It was so pretty! We have canoed a few times down this river.

A bird landed on the windowsill and about drove Zoe nuts! You can't see it well but it's right above her paw!

This pretty porch Marie and I walk by every Saturday morning.

Lastly, remember these old things? This was in a restaurant we ate at on our way home from Tawas.

I want to tell you all about my grandson but I will do that in the next post so I can devote the whole thing to him!

Until then......