Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Well, I thought this next post would be all about how we sold our house and the new place we would be moving to.


Our house hasn't sold yet and we are probably going to lose our new place because they won't hold it forever!

We've had plenty of lookers and most of them seem to indicate the house needs a lot of updating. I think it's because there is a lot of wood trim around the windows and doors and also wood crown molding throughout the house. Nowadays people like white trim on everything.

I'm discouraged and stressed and depressed and just don't want to deal anymore!

We are probably going to be taking it off the market soon and trying again in the Spring.

If we do we will update some more but painting all that molding white is not going to happen! We'll just have to wait for the right person to come along!

We did replace this light fixture in the dining room.

I do like the new one better.

Anyway! That's all for the gloom and doom. I don't want to talk about it any more!

My work moved into our new facility two weeks ago. It was chaos for a few days but things are settling down now. My new desk is small but sufficient for what I need.

The table with my computer monitors raises and lowers so I can stand or sit!

The room where my desk is is right by a big sliding door to outside so it's very humid in there right now and I'm sure I will be freezing in the Winter! I can't move from room to room without swiping my badge, which sounds like no big deal but it can get pretty annoying.

But I can actually look out of a window!

And we do have a nice break room. There is two large refrigerators, a couple coffee machines, microwaves and an ice and water machine! Plus plenty of tables.

Best of all I don't have to take a bus anymore, which means that I can leave later in the morning and get home earlier in the afternoon! It's all good!!!

Maxwell got his first haircut. They took him to a place called Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids.

He sat on his dads lap and stayed still for a while but he has the attention span of a 18 month old so she had to be quick!

He looks so cute though and they saved his curls!

I took a day off last week to babysit him and he was helping himself to my Fruit and Chia Cup! He had chia seeds stuck everywhere!

He also likes to hide behind doors!

He is without a doubt the joy of my life!

Everything is going good with Shauna's pregnancy! She's at 28 weeks now! Can't wait to meet our new little guy!

That's all for now...

Thanks for the listening ear!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

For Sale

Well, our house has been on the market since Monday afternoon.

As of today, Saturday, we've had 4 showings so far. We have another one scheduled for this evening and one scheduled for Sunday. Then maybe we'll get an offer or two!

It's a little bit of a process to get our house ready for people to look at it. Mainly because of the cats. We don't want to hide the fact that we have cats but we do like to hide their litter boxes whenever someone is looking at our house.  Luckily their litter boxes are actually storage totes with holes cut in them, so they are easy to disguise as packed up stuff. like so:

Then we also have to make sure that we clean every surface of cat hair. Plus we pile all of their beds on a shelf in the basement, not hidden but not scattered all over the house like usual.

Besides the cat stuff we also make sure that there are no dishes in the sink, dishrags hanging on the faucets, all the floors are swept, rugs straightened out, kitchen and bathroom faucets and mirrors cleaned. Plus we take any prescription medications with us when we go.

Lastly we have to get Max the cat in the car with us. All the other cats will run and hide when a stranger comes in the house, but he loves people and will follow them around asking to be petted!

So he has to come with us!

He doesn't like being in the car at all, especially when it's moving. We chose not to put him in a carrier because he's a big cat and would be very uncomfortable cramped in one for up to two hours at a time. He's good being free in the car, though. Mostly he just lays on the floor in the back seat and meows pitifully!

In other news, my work department is relocating out of the main hospital to a big research complex in the North Campus., about 3 miles closer to home. This is our last week in the hospital. On Friday morning we will pack up all our stuff and after lunch they will transfer our phones. 

It's going to be chaos for a while but it's a nice facility. It's been completely redone and everything is brand new. But the best part is after almost 15 years I will no longer have to take a bus from my parking spot into work!

Lastly here is a pic of Maxwell and Shauna,

My loves!

Hopefully next time I will have some good news about out house being sold!

Until then.....