Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Backing up....

OK Before I go any further on our East Coast Vacation, I want to back up to before we got to Bar Harbor, Maine.

On the Saturday before we left home, Rich and I, along with my brother Jim and his wife Helen and my brother Tom and his wife Debbie took the class we had to take to get our CPL (Concealed Pistol License). It was an all-day class, part in the classroom and part in the range. By the time we got home I had to do some laundry, go to the grocery store and pack! We didn't get to sleep until after midnight and we wanted to be on the road early, at the butt-crack of dawn as we like to say!

On Sunday we drove a little over 500 miles through Canada into New York.

We made a brief stop in Niagara Falls, NY for lunch and to walk around a little. Big mistake because it was hot, and crowded and expensive! I think I'm done with that place now! The falls are cool, though!

This is the Horseshoe Falls from the American side. They are building a new viewing area and it's going to be pretty awesome when its done!

We only stayed a hour or so and then back on the road to our first stop at a hotel in Schenectady. I chose that place because I like to say the name! Anyway, we stayed at a very nice hotel with a great restaurant across the street for dinner. We did not go exploring because we needed rest and had to get on the road again early the next morning.

We finally reached Maine in the early afternoon and had a picnic lunch in the welcome center.

As a side note: In all the states we traveled through, no one does rest stops and picnic areas as good as Michigan! We always pack a cooler full of food and snacks so we don't spend a lot of  money eating out. Trying to find somewhere pull over and have a picnic lunch was a nightmare! There were no places like that anywhere! A few times we just ate in a parking lot of a store!  The picnic area at the welcome center in Maine was literally the only picnic table we saw!

Anyway, a few hours after we had lunch we were at Stephen Kings house in Bangor. I mentioned it again because I want to show you a aerial picture I took off the web.

When I said his house was huge, I meant really huge! Its the size of at least four more houses behind the original house! Plus the out building you see to the right I read is his writing studio. I also read that the white house in the upper right corner belongs to him, too, and sometimes he goes there and watches the people that come to look at his house! This is just stuff I read!

Here's the best shot I could get of his house without stepping onto the property. If you look carefully toward the back there is two men carrying a long white box up the driveway toward the out building.  I couldn't say for sure because I couldn't see them well enough but the one on the right could possibly be the man himself!!!!

Anyway, next post I promise will be all about Bar Harbor!

Until then.....

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Knock Knock...Is This Thing Still On?

Well , I think this has been the longest stretch that I have gone without blogging yet! 

Part of the reason is my laptop quit connecting to the internet yet again. Last time that happened it took my son-in-law (yay!) Brad two days to fix it which is a lot for  him cuz hes a computer  genius! Anyway, I'm not going to bother with it anymore.  It's too old and been a lemon from day one. And our old desktop is such a dinosaur and so slow it drives me crazy! I am getting a new computer next month for sure. I'm posting this from my phone now but I hate typing on my phone with my fat fingers!

So let's see what has been going on in the last few months.....

When last I left you, Shauna and Brad had just gotten married. Now they have been married for 3 months and very happy!
Rich and I took a great road trip to the East Coast at the beginning of August.  

We did some serious traveling which was tough and I'm not sure we would do it again but it was worth it this time!!

Our first destination was Bar Harbor Maine and we stopped in Bangor to stalk Stephen Kings house. 

That seriously was a highlight of the trip for me! I have been a fan of his books practically since he started writing them! I could have stayed there all day but I heard he doesn't even live there anymore anyway. It was beautiful though! The grounds were immaculate and landscaped so beautiful. Plus it's HUGE! You can tell a bazillionair owns it!

Next: Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park