Saturday, October 6, 2018

Levi James, Packing And Other Stuff

I am so excited to show you my new grandson! Levi James Ryken was born on Thursday the 27th, 6 lb 6 oz. Look at all that dark hair!

Shauna had to have a c-section because Levi was breech. Brad wanted to stay with her in the hospital for the first night so Rich and I stayed with Maxwell  at their house.

We got to spend lots of quality time with him!!

They came home on Saturday.

Maxwell didn't sleep too well the first few nights but he's learning to love his little brother! I think they will be good friends!

We are scheduled to close on our Canton house on Tuesday the 9th and close on our Plymouth house a few days after.

I have been packing quite a bit in the last few weeks and I have to say....we have a TON of boxes!

My oldest brother recently moved and he gave us a whole bunch of boxes that he didn't need anymore. There was so many they filled up the whole back of our Equinox, even being flattened. I thought we couldn't possibly have enough to fill all of the boxes but was I ever wrong!

Just packing up my china cabinet and the case where I have my momma and baby animal figurines displayed took up 9 of them!

Of course, everything is fragile (fra-gee-lay!) so I couldn't cram too much in one box, but still!

I have both of the spare room closets packed and most of the stuff in our master bedroom closet packed.

And we have been slowly bringing up boxes from the basement and putting them in the garage so they will be ready to go!

We have a lot of stuff going into a smaller place but I am confident I can store it all and it won't look too cluttered!

I have also been making lots of phone calls arranging insurances and talking to our realtor and banker and have been utilizing this thing we have at work called "The Phone Booth".

It's sound proof so you can make phone calls or have conversations with someone and it's completely private! I love it! It's been really handy with this selling and buying houses stuff I've been doing!

That's where we're at right now. Next time if everything goes well I'll be posting from the new place!

Until then......

Sunday, September 9, 2018


We finally managed to sell our house. Not without some haggling and not without us finally having to say they either agree to buy the house as is or no deal! Ha! We gave them a little money towards closing because they are first time home buyers. I swear you give people an inch and they want a mile! Anyway, we got things settled and now our house is officially sold! Should be closing in about 4 weeks.

I feel kind of bad but not as bad as I did when we sold our first house.

This little 1125 sq.ft ranch was the house we bought in 1978 when were were married a year. We brought both of our babies home to it and lived in it until Shauna graduated from high school. We sold it in 1999 to move to our current house in Canton.

I really missed that house the first month or so after we moved. I kept a picture of it on the refrigerator for a long time.

Now after another living in this house for almost as long, we are moving on again!

This time we are moving into a manufactured home in a MH community called Plymouth Hills. It's about three miles from here and is basically a mobile home park with some manufactured homes thrown in!

Ours is 1,700 sq. ft. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms manufactured home that is 4 years old.

Its on a corner lot with two big pine trees in front.

It's very open inside.

View from one end

View from front door
It's got a huge open island in the kitchen. We are going to close it off on this end that you see and use it to store pots and pans and other bake ware.

Behind that white door to the right of the island is this. A good size pantry.

I am having them remove all of the appliances and buying everything new! I'm really excited about that because in all of our 41 years married I have never had all new appliance! Once I get them in there the kitchen should look a lot more updated!

The master bedroom has a walk in closet.

 It's hard to tell in this pic but it's large enough to hold a dresser if we need to put it in there.

The master bathroom is "en suite" so there is no entrance to it except through the bedroom. That is at one end of the house and at the other end is the family room, two more bedrooms and another full bath.

bedrooms on either side of the bathroom

family room with built ins
It's the perfect size for us for right now. The fact that it's in a mobile home community isn't exactly what we first had in mind but it seems nice enough. It's a corner lot so we don't feel crammed in.

The down side is there there is no covered parking and considering we are leaving an attached garage that will take some getting used to! Plus there isn't enough parking to have large family get togethers anymore.

We have lots of plans for this new place.  I can't wait for this all to be over and it feels like home!

And of course here is my little Maxwell!

My heart and the joy of my life!

Next post I probably will be telling you all about my new grandson, who should be born by the end of this month!

Until then.......