Sunday, October 29, 2017

Around Town

Well, this year is almost over and I can't believe how fast it flew! It was full of a baby joy!

Here are a few pics from around town!

This is a pot of flowers someone put in the circle of a guard rail on the street.

Marie and I walked through a park in the town of Northville one morning and at the end of the trail came upon this scene.

This is a small rapids coming off of a lake into a stream. Can you imagine this being your backyard?

Rich and I were driving through the town of Plymouth and saw this brilliant rainbow. It was rather strange considering it wasn't raining at all!

Today me, Rich, Shauna, Brad and Maxwell walked the Wicked Halloween Fun 5K in Plymouth.  We got a shirt and a medal. It was cold but a lot of fun!

 Especially because this little tiger was with us! He's not used to crowds of people and the music was kind of loud so he's wasn't too happy at first!

But after we started walking he enjoyed it and even took a little nap!

We went to brunch after wards and he was such a happy, good boy!

He's developing in leaps and bounds! He's pulling himself up to a standing position, feeding himself, holding his bottle, and his little noises are becoming babbling now!

He totally has my heart!

Until the next time......

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

On My Phone and On My Mind

First I want to say that I am so thankful that my friends that live in Florida came through hurricane Irma OK. Especially my friend Celia who lives in Southern Florida and was one of the hardest hit. I will keep them, as well as everyone affected by Irma, Harvey and the awful wildfires in Northwest in my thoughts and prayers as they continue to suffer the effects of these natural disasters.

Never been so glad to live in Michigan as I am now!

Anyway, here are some things on my phone lately.

Rich and I went and walked around the State Fair a few weeks ago.

This cow belongs to the Michigan Milk Producers Association, where my mom worked and retired from. She was a lab tech testing milk from the local dairy farms for bacteria and antibiotic levels. She loved it! Speaking of my mom, today would have been her 85th birthday. I miss her so much still!

This cow and calf made of butter. I wonder if its solid butter or just butter smoothed out over a form?

In keeping with the cow theme, all of the cows were tied so close to the fence that they could not move. I know next to nothing about cows so I assume it was to keep them calm, even though this one looked anything but!

It's a little hard to see but this is an entire miniature farm built on a wagon.

 Last Saturday we went to the Eastern Market, which is a gigantic farmers marked in Detroit. All of the produce you see above cost less than $25. I love going to the Eastern Marked but usually only make it there once a year!

These jack fruits are so intimidating looking! I have never bought one but I hear they are hard to work with and taste something between a pineapple and a squash!

I had to do some patient chart training at work and I just had to take a picture of this part of it. It may be hard to see but in the first red outlined box where you are supposed to mark the patient's gender identity is  the usual man-boy, woman-girl, trans man, trans woman but also it says "Two-Spirit". What the he** is a Two Spirit?! I wouldn't even want to guess! 

I'm only going to say that things are getting beyond ridiculous any more! 

Lastly here is a picture of my all-boy little grandson, Maxwell! He's starting to know me really well and gets excited when he sees  me!

He's totally captured my heart!

Until the next time!!!