Saturday, October 3, 2015

Belle Isle

Belle Isle is an island on the Detroit River. In its heyday it was the place to go for day outings in the summer. There was an aquarium, a zoo, a conservatory, a beautiful fountain and lots of picnic areas along the Detroit River.

Unfortunately, after decades of mismanagement and neglect by the Detroit City Council and other crooked politicians it fell into ruin. The aquarium closed and people stopped going there. It became just another crime ridden place to avoid in Detroit. 

Finally after years of negotating with the ridiculous city council the state finally took it over and it became a state park. 

Rich and I decided it was time to pay a visit so on a warm Sunday afternoon we took a drive out there. 

It was packed with people exploring and having picnics  

The aquarium was open. 

The conservatory was beautiful. 

And the fountain was also beautiful. 

There are still some neglected areas but for the most part it's a very nice place and I'm glad we took the time to go. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Connecticut and Cuyahoga Valley National Park

After we left Plymouth we headed to Uncasville, CT so we could pay a visit to the Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Casinos. We rarely take a vacation without a stop at at least one casino.

The hotel we stayed at had a wonderful window seat in the room that I could have sat in for hours. I need a window seat in my next house!

Anyway, Mohegan Sun was a beautiful casino. We only took a few pictures.

Foxwoods was huge and had this pretty cool sand sculpture.

Unfortunately we didn't get our vacation paid for if you know what I mean!

The next day we headed toward home again and spent one more night in Youngstown Ohio. They had a wonderful swimming pool that we decided to take a dip in. There was no one else there so we just floated around and relaxed for a few hours.

In the morning we left and headed to our next and final destination, Cuyohoga Valley National Park.

I wanted to visit a waterfall! And it was very pretty.

And we say practically the only wildlife (other than whales) we saw on the whole trip! If you look close behind the tree on the left there is a deer looking back at you!

Then in less than 2 hours we were home!

It was a wonderful vacation and although we did a lot of driving, it was worth every mile of it!

Next big vacation on my radar is Tennessee in the fall of 2016!

Until the next time!