Sunday, December 2, 2018

Settled and Decorating for Christmas

We are pretty much settled in our new home now. I love that everything is on one level, especially the washer and dryer. No more trudging up and down stairs with laundry!

I do wish this little house of ours was on a piece of land we owned instead of in a manufactured home community but for now, there is nothing to do about that. We'll see how things are in 5 years when our lot lease is up.

The weekend  after Thanksgiving I pulled out all of our Christmas decorations.  I had six totes worth and after I put out everything I wanted to keep the rest of it went  to Shauna and a couple things to my DIL Marissa. I got rid of half of my decorations!

Last year after Christmas I threw away our 7 foot Christmas tree that we would put up in the family room, so all we have now is the small 5 foot tree I used to put in the front window of the Canton house.  I had more ornaments that I could put on both trees so I put all of my favorites on the smaller tree and gave the rest to Shauna!

I never realized how freeing getting rid of stuff can be!

Anyway here are some pictures of the decorating I've done.

This wreath made of bells has been a favorite of mine for a long time. I hung it on the pantry door.

Ceramic Christmas tree that my mom made along with some of the kids santa pictures.

My 5 foot tree that is being held together by the lights strung on it. It will be going in the garbage after this year!

So nice to have this built in. We strung lights and garland above...

And put my snowmen collection on it. 

We put these shelves up to hold pictures but for now they hold my Christmas Tree collection. 

We even decorated our little porch, which we plan on replacing with a deck in the Spring.

We watched Maxwell and Levi on Saturday night so Shauna and Brad could go out. I had to sneak this picture of Maxwell because if he sees my phone he wants to play with it! He was having chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner, and keeping a couple flashlights close by!

Levi is getting cuter and more alert every day! Such a smiling little guy, too! 

Those too boys have me totally wrapped around their little fingers!

Until the next time.....

Sunday, November 4, 2018

All Moved In

We are all moved in to our new home and slowly getting settled. For the most part the closing's went without too much trouble. On the day we moved the movers knocked off a piece of the stair banister with our box spring but they made arrangements with the new owners of the house and repaired it.

Finally after months of stress and frustration the whole sell our house buy another one transaction is finally over! Amen to that!

Anyway, I won't be too wordy..just do some before and after pictures.





It's hard to see but I covered the end of the island with black vinyl cloth and on the other side is this.

The island is huge and all of my bake ware, pots and pans and miscellaneous things are stored under there. Plus I put the vinyl on with Velcro so I can take it off to access what I need on that side.

I had them remove all of the black appliances and replaced them with all new stainless steel ones. The appliances were only 4 years old but they were kind of gross. Besides, I wanted all new for the first  time in my life!

Pantry before


Master Closet Before


We brought two big book cases from the old house. I was going to get rid of them because I figured we wouldn't have room for them but turned out one worked perfectly in the master closet!

I'll show more in the next post. Blogger is being difficult today! 

Of course a pic of the grandsons ends this post!

Levi's 6 weeks old already!

Sweet boy!

Until the next time!