Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Christmas Decor

Tis the season!

We were excited to put some decorations on our new deck this year. We didn't go crazy but we did have a lot of lights from last year. I used to use them on our Christmas tree but we have a new, lighted tree this year. I think it looks nice and right in front is the perfect spot for the lighted wreath!

Speaking of Christmas trees, last year our tree was actually being held together by the light strings! It was at least 19 years old and definitely on it's last legs! After Christmas was over I threw it in the garbage, then went and bought a new tree for 75% off!

It's a Martha Stewart Living brand and let me tell you, she does things right! This lighted tree was so easy to put together and even came with a foot pedal to turn the lights off and on! Plus at 7.5 feet tall its the biggest tree we've ever had.

Although I love it, I'm not a huge fan of just the white lights. I'll leave it for this year but maybe next year I'll add a couple strings of colored lights too!

And of course is my snowman collection.


This one is the newest one we got at Bronner's over the summer when we bought the ornaments for the boys. 

And also my collection of small Christmas trees. 

This is my newest one I got at the Salvation Army thrift store.

I love the little deer!

I used the garland we normally used on the tree as fake snow this year.

And my miniature ornaments are all displayed on this small tree.

This is my newest one. 

I buy one snowman, one small tree and one miniature ornament every year!

And always the ceramic tree that my mom made so many years ago! It was the only decoration my dad put up after she died and I inherited it when he died. 

That's my d├ęcor for this year. I'm really into Christmas this year for some reason!

Until next time! 

Monday, December 2, 2019

Ornaments, Thanksgiving and Stuff

Over the summer we bought personalized ornaments for our grandsons like we’ve done every year since they were born. We finally gave them to the boys on Thanksgiving.

Levi’s is a dinosaur and Maxwells is a tractor.

The kids call Rich Bonk for some reason we can’t figure out!

Thanksgiving was crazy and wonderful with 26 people here!

 Good food and good company!

We were even missing a few!

And always my hearts!

Finished decoration today and had fun decoration the new deck!

I’ll show you the next time!!

Until then....