Monday, November 24, 2008


Friday was my son Chris and his wife Marissa's anniversary. I can't believe they have been married for three years already!

Well, the kitchen is done as far as it can be for now. We are waiting for a few trim pieces to come in and a panel that goes behind the upper cabinets. Somehow they sent the wrong size so we had to reorder it. It should be here by Wednesday but I'm guessing that they won't be back until Monday. That's a bummer because we still need to have the toilet and sink installed in the 1/2 bath, the stove and microwave hooked up and some doors put back on.

We spent Saturday touching up paint; vacuuming dust and wood shavings and putting things away in the cupboards.

The configuration of my kitchen is quite different than before so it will take some getting used to. It's beautiful though.

Cabinets to the left minus the stove and microwave

To the right minus the sink and dishwasher

Especially the pantry. That area used to have wood molding all around it but it looks so much better without it.

My pantry

I also took a piece of the stair nosing to have the stain matched and that should be done today or tomorrow.

Sunday I had to stain some molding and finish cleaning up dust. The house is starting to almost look normal now.

I have Thursday and Friday off for the holiday. I usually decorate for Christmas on Friday but I may just put the trees up for now. It is my turn to have the family over for Christmas Eve so I figured I will wait and hopefully all will be done by the second week of December. Lord, I hope so!!

In the continuing grimmer news on the economy. This is the tax forclosure section in the paper on Sunday. 137 pages and that's just for one county. Where will it end?



Sally said...

Your kitchen is looking soooo beautiful!! I sure hope it's all done and ready before you prepare for the Christmas Eve. The last two years the family has come to my house, but it's all going to be different this year of course.

Yes, that's so sad about all the foreclosures. I heard today an estimate of 18 months before it gets better, but really, how can they possibly know?

Take care, Jeanette. As always, I enjoy my visits here. :)

Shauna said...

Kitchen looks awesome!

Brenda said...

It really is pretty Miz Jeanette, and will be gorgeous by the time they're finally done.

I understand about the economy, it's turned our lives upside down.