Monday, January 19, 2009


Had a fairly uneventful weekend.

Our furnace decided to bite the dust on Friday afternoon and you know how cold it's been the past few days. We have another smaller furnace that just heats our added-on family room so we were able to keep that room warm. The rest of the house, however, which is the kitchen, living room, and the upstairs bedrooms are all heated by the broken-down furnace. When Rich called the repair people they told him they were swamped and could not come out until Monday (today) or if it was an emergency, they could come out but the charge would be double their normal fee. Well, we decided to purchase some space heaters and wait until today. We placed a few of the heaters at key locations to keep our water pipes from freezing and bursting and used the others to warm the bedroom upstairs and the bathroom. But as cold as it has been, the heaters only make it tolerable. Anyway, I guess I am a cold sleeper because I slept like a baby every night and usually I'm up once or twice.

So today they will be there to fix the furnace and all will be well again. However I think we will shut the vents to our bedroom. Seriously.

One bad thing about owning a house is that the repairs seem to be never ending and expensive. Personally, I probably would be happy renting forever and letting the repairs be someone else's problem. Especially in this economy and this housing market where owning a house is not such a great investment right now. For example, last time we had a appraisal done our house was worth $1,000 LESS than we paid for it!

Saturday morning Marie took me to breakfast for my birthday at the MGM casino and then we played video poler for a while She lost $40 and I won $250 so I was happy!
Sunday I went shopping to see if there were any summer clothes out yet. I really didn't find anyhing for myself but I did get three pairs of shorts for Rich on clearance for $21. Later we drove to the airport to see how long it took us to get there and to find the place where we will be parking our cars.

I am SO ready for a vacation!


Brenda said...

I remember the time before furnaces when the beds were piled high with quilts. I slept good but I sure didn't want to get out of my nice, warm, cocoon the next morning. :-)
Hope they get your heat fixed today.

Come ON Spring!

Donna said...

Gracious, I hope you got that furnace fixed today and you are beginning to thaw out!

snerkology said...

Snuggling is good to stay warm, too! ~wink~