Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

I normally don't bother making any New Year's Resolutions because, like most people, I tend to make them unrealistic and then don't keep them. However, I have been rather unhappy with myself for the past few months so maybe if I list some things I would like to change about myself here that will motivate me. So in 2009 I vow to do/be the following:

Take better care of myself: Like trying to eat healthy at every meal and exercising more often. I have type 2 diabetes and lately I have a tendency to just eat however I want to and exercising only 2 times a week. So far I am pretty healthy but I know that the future could be bad if I don't get control now. Plus I feel so much better physically and mentally when I eat well!

Be more frugal: Not that I waste money or buy (too much) stuff I don't need but I could be more careful with the money I spend and a little more practical, especially with the daily household expenses like paper towel, cleaning supplies, etc...

Keep my house cleaner. When you walk into my house, it looks pretty clean because there is no clutter and junk sitting around. But with 6 cats it accumulates a lot of hair and dirt and I need to keep up on that a little better. Plus the bathrooms probably should be cleaned a little more often than I do.

Consistently look nicer when I leave the house. On weekends I have a tendency to not bother wearing make-up during my daily chores and if we are not going anywhere. I don't mean I have to dress like I'm going to a wedding or something but I should put some make-up on and make sure my hair is done or my nails don't have chipped polish. Plus you never know when you are going to run into someone you know!

Ignore toxic people By toxic I mean people that make you think things or act in ways not necessarily nice. Especially a particular person who I work with who is so miserable and ungrateful all of the time it makes me want to scream. I really need to learn to tune her out!

Well, that's all I can think of for now. Even if I only make one or two little changes that would be a good thing!


Shauna said...

I can totally relate with you on the bathroom situation;)

Sally said...

Oh, I totally agree about staying away from negative people the best we can. Sometimes, it rubs off on us before we even know it.

I'm with you on the weekend "fixing up" a little with the makeup and hair. I've gotten into a really bad habit of not doing that. What's so funny, Jeanette, when Patti was young and I was working, every single Saturday morning, I got up, dressed, put on makeup, did my hair and THEN did housework. One of my neighbors told me she'd never known anyone do that. It was just a habit, and I need to get a little more back to it.

Yes, please take care of the diabetes!! We want you to stay well. :)

Brenda said...

Those are all very wise resolutions. I've given up making any, I'm a lost cause. :-)

Donna said...

That's a pretty ambitious list! Maybe tackle one at a time, LOL?