Friday, February 6, 2009

Grand Cayman and Cozumel

The third stop on our cruise was Georgetown, Grand Cayman. Man, if I was a millionaire and could live anywhere in the world, Grand Cayman would be the place. It was just beautiful. Once again we took a tour of the city with stops along the way.

This is Seven Mile Beach. We didn't spend a lot of time there but I did manage to stick my feet in the water and it was nice and warm, not to mention beautiful to look at!

Stopped by a million dollar condo complex that was devastated by hurricane Ivan in 2004 and has just now been purchased for restoration by a private investor. It looked pretty bad.

We also visited a turtle breeding farm. This cutie was just a baby. They eat turtles there. The guide told us they "taste like chicken"! The large breeder turtles swim around underwater and poke there heads up for a quick gulp of air before going under again!

Stopped in Hell. I'm not sure if it was an actual city or if it was just a area with creepy-looking rock formations. They did sort of look like hell, minus the fire!

There are a lot of iguanas running around too. The eat them also. The guide said they "taste like chicken"! Really! I wondered why they bothered with the chickens that everyone has in their yards!

These are the condos I would live in if I was a millionaire and could live anywhere in the world!

Our final stop was Stingray City, where we swam with stingrays! See those black blobs? Those are stingrays. It was a little scary at first..they rub against you like a cat! They are ridged on the top and slimy underneath and they will eat out of your hand if you let them! I did not let them. Rich and Marissa opted to stay on the boat but the rest of us went in. I'd show you but no picture of me in a bathing suit will ever grace this blog! LOL

On Thursday, our final stop on the cruise was Cozumel, Mexico. All we did was do a little shopping. They sell a lot of silver there and I bought a bracelet.

OK, one last picture of the ship!

After one final day at sea we arrived in Miami on Saturday and were home by 6:30 in the evening. It was a awesome vacation and I can't wait to take another cruise!

Thanks for letting me share it with you!


Brenda said...

If you get one of those condos make sure there's a spare room for me. I could walk or lay on a beach for days, months, or years! I'd make a most excellent beach bum buddy. I think I'd like a cruise,,,if I didn't have to go on a boat that was out of sight of land. :-)

Donna said...

What a grand trip! I'd love to live in one of those condos during the winter months, for sure! Not sure that I would be brave enough to jump in there with those stingrays, LOL. Thanks for sharing your pictures and stories!