Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy March!

It's March finally! Spring is officially here in 3 weeks.

Daylight Saving time starts next weekend.

Winter is finally ending! Can't wait for warm sunny days and balmy nights!

Friday night Shauna and Brad went to dinner with us. It was nice to see her. We hadn't seen her since the cruise! She's a busy girl between school and work (and Brad!)

Yesterday I had to go to a Service Excellence class in the morning. It was actually pretty good and the theme was Service Excellence to our coworkers! It was all about how to treat your fellow employees.

Today is a pretty lazy day. I did some cleaning and organizing. Bought a storage tub to put all of the travel information I collect in anticipation of wonderful vacations to come!

Also hung a couple of pictures. Brad gave us this plaque for Christmas. I hung it on the end of the kitchen cupboard (with a 3M Command hook) so you can see it when you first walk into the kitchen. I think it's a good place for it!

We picked this picture up in Cozumel. I thought it looked pretty with our brown bedroom wall.

After all of the snow melted we had these weird spots on our lawn in the backyard. They were not there last fall.

They're not exactly dead grass, more like the grass has been bleached! Very strange.

So far I am doing good with the giving up of sweets for Lent! It's been tough sometimes, especially after a meal, but I'm hanging in there!

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


Brenda said...

I like the plaque, it's so welcoming.
The picture is nice too!

I'm so ready for Spring that I'm about to burst.

Shammickite said...

The dead spots on the grass look like a doggy has had a pee there.... do you have a dog?

Jeanette said...

No dog..and nothing disturbed the snow while it was there, either. Strange.

Sally said...

HEY!!! Whar's my comment? I know I left one! hahahaha

I remember saying that my entire yard is lookin' like that and we ain't got no snow!!

Take care. Hope your week is going good!

Judy said...

The bleached spots on your lawn look like you have had a dog pass through there--leaving his "mark".

This HAS been such a long winter--seems longer than most. I cannot wait for March 21st and spring, but, I HATE Daylight Savings Time leaping forward time. Always throws me off stride for awhile.

dabrah said...

Those patches on your lawn are a real puzzle. If you ever find out what caused them I hope you'll let us know.