Wednesday, April 9, 2014


H is for Hawk

This is our resident hawk. Well, I don't know if this is the same one we see all the time but this one was hanging out by us recently.

He likes to sit on our back yard fence next to a large bush because the bush is always full of birds. 

But, whenever he's there the birds don't make a sound or move one little bit!

He can't get then inside the bush, anyway so they're safe as long as they stay in the bush!

Sometimes he gets lucky, though! 

I feel bad for any bird that get's in his clutches. 

Nature at it's rawest!


Judy said...

Cooper's Hawk. I had one swoop in a few weeks ago--scared me AND the birds. Doesn't seem fair that bird would eat bird. He likes Mourning Doves too--his version of Pheasant under Glass I suppose?

Sally said...

Oh goodness. Poor bird. But, they are obviously also smart by staying in the bushes. I have never seen a hawk anywhere I've lived. Or, if I have I'm not remembering (big surprise).

Have a happy hump day, buddy.

Grandma K said...

Nature seems cruel. When I was teaching, I would try to get the film about predators when we were studying food chains to give the kids a look from the predator's point of view. Interesting.

Dee D said...

That's pretty cool. Other than Animal Planet, I don't think I've ever seen a hawk either.

Debra said...

Beautiful bird. That is nice that you have some cover for the other birds for them to rest and stay safe.
The hawks here love to hunt the mourning doves, too. I don;t really think it is cruel. if their population got too big they would starve or get sick.