Friday, April 11, 2014


J is for Jewelry

I love jewelry

I used to make it sometimes but I haven't in a while.

I have a lot of jewelry, mostly cosmetic but I have a few things that belong to my mom and my grandmother.

This was my moms jewelry box filled with her jewelry and some of mine.

Those rhinestone earrings on the upper left were hers and I plan on wearing them when my daughter gets married next year,

I wear very little myself. I always wear earrings and my wedding rings, and occasionally a ring on my right hand. Once in a while I wear a bracelet and very rarely I wear a necklace!

But I do love to look at it!


Debra said...

I love the idea that you have these trinkets that used to belong to your mom and grandma. That is really sweet. Is it hard to make jewelry? I'd be all thumbs.

Inger said...

Look how much jewelry you have. I hope you have a chance to wear it and enjoy it. Since I moved to the canyon I don't have much use for mine, so I have given some of it away.

Grandma K said...

Those earrings will be just beautiful for a wedding!

Sally said...

How nice that you'll be wearing your mother's earrings to the wedding. I know she would be very pleased, buddy.

I don't wear much jewelry either, but I also have my mom's jewelry box with mostly costume. She always wore sparkly earrings, and bead necklaces. :)


Judy said...

My grandmas and mother only had costume jewelry and was given to my girls and sister. I use to have tons of it--as I sold Avon, but now--I wear my engagement ring from Fred, my birthstone ring (of my kids birth months), my grandmother's thick wedding ring (98 years old), a golf bracelet from Fred, plain Wal-Mart gold stud earrings and my cross neclace. I don't change ever from those.

Donna B. McNicol said...

I love collecting jewelry more than wearing it. Does that make any sense? LOL!

Donna B. McNicol
A to Z Participant