Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Y is for Yearbook

This is my high school yearbook from m y senior year. I keep it in a box in the basement with a bunch of other old stuff. 

It's pretty rough looking!

My senior picture in the yearbook. 

That was a long time ago!!!!


Su-sieee! Mac said...

My yearbooks are on a bookshelf in the hallway. My senior yearbook is falling apart from all the reunion work I've been doing. I think I've looked at it more than I ever did way back when.
The View from the Top of the Ladder

Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

I can't even remember the last time I looked at mine. Pretty sure I don't want to anytime soon. :)

Judy said...

My Yearbook is in tatters too--from using it so much on the class reunion I was doing. Jeanette--you look much the same as you did then. I guess our features never really change that much--just get more wrinkly and droopy, LOL

Sally said...

I can tell you right now, your senior picture is pretty and I will NEVER show you mine. :)

Paula Kaye said...

Love the senior picture. I need to look around and see if I can find my yearbooks. The grandkids would have a great laugh!