Monday, October 13, 2014

Petoskey and Me

On Tuesday we spent some time in Petoskey, which is a small town close to where we were and right on Lake Michigan.

I didn't take any pictures of that actual town so I took this one off the website. 

We wandered around the various shops looking at the quirky things they sell. 

Like these cool Michigan oven mitts that had the LP on one side and the UP on the other. I should have bought one but I was being cheap and did not want to spend $12 for one! I wish I would have, though!

One store had an olive bar which I definitely took advantage of. I love me some olives!

We had lunch at a cute little sandwich shop called the Roast & Toast. I love how they had cups and plates embedded in the walls. 

They were on the inside, too! All around the menu. 

After lunch we decided to take a stroll down to the water. 

We thought it would be fun to take pictures of each other standing by those rocks. So I walked over to them, intending to climb up and sit on top, lost my footing and fell right on the rocks, right on my face! I have a small scrape over my left eye, scrapes on both of my hands and a large scrape on my right shin. Plus I hurt my right hand from the impact! It's still pretty sore. I'm just glad I didn't break my wrist or my glasses! I scared the daylights out of poor Karen! After she was sure I was OK she sat down next to me on the ground and we had a good laugh! 

Then we took the pictures! 

Here's Karen (it was sort of cold and very windy by the lake)

And me, smiling through the pain!!

Next time the really tiny town of Good Hart!

Until then.....


Grandma K said...

So glad you didn't do serious damage. What a cute town.

Sally Crowe said...

I hate that you fell, buddy. Glad though you're okay. You're braver than me; I'd probably still be crying. :)

Love the photo's - such a neat place for y'all to visit! The cups threw me for a loop at first, then looked closer. What great looking restaurant.

Take care of those wounds.


Donna said...

Sorry that you fell down! At some point in your life, you start to avoid slippery rocks, LOL. (hint, hint) Glad to hear you aren't too hurt from the spill. Looks like a cute town!

Judy said...

It's such a neat town. Good thing you aren't older or you'd probably broke a hip!!! LOL

Dee said...

Poor thing, I'm surprised that you didn't do more harm to yourself when you landed on that rock. I'm glad you're okay and you were still able to enjoy yourself.

I love the cups and plates on that restaurant, too. It's so cute. Take care and I hope your wrist will feel better soon... :)

Sally Crowe said...

I really like your header, so pretty! :)


Coffee Lady said...

Looks like fun. Sorry for the fall. Its a wonder you didn't break your sunglasses.