Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Wedding Part VII: The Aftermath

Well, after all the planning, worrying, stressing, spending, getting teary eyed and having a blast the wedding was over! We went back to the hotel and went to bed and it took me two hours to get to sleep!

The next morning we left pretty quickly. Shauna and Brad wanted to have brunch together later so we headed home. We did get a chance to say hi and bye to Rich's sister Judy and her daughters, as they would be leaving for South Carolina on Monday.

Got home and took a shower and washed all of the product out of my hair! Put everything away and then went and met Shauna, Brad and Brad's parents for brunch. It was nice to relax and talk about everything with them.

Later in the afternoon, I went to the grocery store and just as I was pulling into the parking lot, the blues hit me like I knew they would! It's always a little depressing the let down after a big event. So I sat in my car and cried for a few minutes and when I felt better I went inside and did my grocery shopping for the week!

I had taken Monday and Tuesday off of work just because I knew I would not feel like going back to work right away. Shauna and Brad left early in the morning for their honeymoon in Punta Cana and she sent me pictures when they arrived

They look so happy and excited, don't they?

We still had two buckets of flowers and seeing as I can't really have them in my house because the cats will eat them, I did the next best thing!

Took them to my mom. And probably gave a feast to the deer later that evening!

I spent the week looking after Stash while Shauna and Brad were away. He hates when they leave him and he was letting me know!

Then late Sunday we picked Shauna and Brad up from the airport . They had a fantastic time and it was back to work for them the next day!

It was such a wonderful experience and I will cherish the memories for a long time to come!!

Until the next time......


Judy said...

and there you are. Now you can breathe!
I think it was a nice touch to take the wedding flowers to Grandma's resting place.

Sally said...

I'm the same way, buddy. Usually can get through the moments, and then when it's over have a little meltdown. I'm so very glad that the wedding, and all the preparations turned out wonderfully. Love the pic of Shauna and Brad on their honey moon. Yes, indeed they do look so happy and in love. Bless them both, and you too. :)

Love you.

Dee said...

I loved the honeymoon pic, but I see that I've missed quite a bit. I'll have to go back to some of your previous posts to see the rest of the wedding. At least now you can relax... :)

Grandma K said...

Congratulations on a very successful event!

Donna said...

SO glad they had a great time! Now time moves forward!
Went by so fast!

Sandra said...

they do look very happy and I know there cat was happy when they got home.. i like the palms behind them. congratulations to the Bride and Groom

Brenda said...

I know you worked and worried a lot the past weeks. It's time for a break for you!!!!😁

Brenda said...

I know you did a lot of working and worrying but it was a beautiful wedding and now it's time to take a deep breath.

wenn said...

Good to hear everything went on fine. Congrats to the bride n groom.