Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Bar Harbor

 We arrived at our first and main destination, Bar Harbor, Maine at about 5:00 on Monday. We had reservations for two nights at this hotel.

It was nice enough. It was also the most expensive of all the places we stayed in due to the fact that is was right in town. Location means everything!

We got there, got settled and then went to dinner at a little bar called the Thirsty Whale.

I ate my very first lobster roll! It was good but seeing as I'm not a lobster fan, really, I only ate two the whole vacation!

It was only about a 4 block walk down to the water.

Bar Harbor is a cute little seaside town. Exactly what I was expecting the East Coast to look like!

We didn't spend a whole lot of time in the actual town because we wanted to spend some time at Acacia National Park.

That's the next post coming up!


Sally said...

Such a beautiful town! I love seeing new places, and that's certainly not on my time travel agenda. So, thank you for sharing! :)

Donna said...

Love lobster but never as a sandwich... Love the coast!
I was born in New London, CT and have family all around there.
Maine is great too...Enjoy!!

Grandma K said...

We spent almost no time in town - just drove through. So I really appreciate your pictures.

Brenda said...