Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Real Senior Moment

A few months ago when we switched cable companies, my laptop computer decided it did not want to connect to the Internet once again.

This happened once before and my (future at the time) son-in-law worked two days on it to finally get it to connect, so when it happened again I decided I was not going to bug my (now) son in law again and just use it as a fancy chopping board! And I would get a new computer!

So it took me a while to decide if I wanted another lap top or if I wanted a desk top. I did some research and decided to by a HP Pavilion lap top, same as the old one but obviously newer and better! I was a little more confident with familiarity.

Anyway, I went to the computer store, pointed out the one I wanted, said no to everything they try to add on, paid and walked out of there with it in about 15 minutes.

Got home and took it out of the box, put the battery in, plugged it in the wall and then sat there trying to figure out how to open the darn thing! Two latches on each side and I could not for the life of me figure out how they work! I was on the verge of putting it back in the box, marching back to the store and demanding they show me how to open it, when it dawned on me that I had the lap top backwards and the latches were actually hinges!

Thank goodness I didn't go back to the store because I would have had to crawl out of there on my hands and knees from embarrassment!

I have no excuse except for the HP was facing the right way and fooled me!

So anyway, here it is!

And because it runs Windows 10 I had to buy this on my kindle.

I had to download Google Chrome to do this post because Blogger and Windows 10 don't play well together!

Shauna's husband Brad is in Vietnam right now for work. He'll be there for two weeks. It's a great opportunity for him but I hate that Shauna is home with out him! Too bad she couldn't go but his ticket costs $11,000 and I don't think his company will pay for her, too!

He's going to be a billionaire over there because every American dollar is worth like 22,000 dong! We told him we're expecting him to bring back some awesome souvenirs!

This weekend we are having a garage/moving sale at my dads house. I was there last weekend and will be there Friday night and Saturday night. He has a ton of stuff! I hope it is a successful sale.

 He plans on listing the house at the end of the month. He'll be sad to leave there after 41 years but it's too much for him now and I always worry about him going up and down the stairs.

That's all for now. I'll be sure to do a post about the garage sale next week.

Until then...


Judy said...

Well, it's a beautiful little machine ya got there.
I wouldn't have known what to do either! I couldn't even understand Windows 8, so I will stay with Windows 7 until they tell me I have to improve-=-just like I did with Windows XP. HAH.
Where is your Dad moving too? Hope the sale goes well. Suppose to rain Friday and a bit Saturday, but sunny on Sunday. Good luck!

Sally said...

Girl - don't even talk about senior moments. LOL

I've done stuff like that even back when I was young like you. That's a really nice laptop. I've tried my sis-in-law's from time to time, and just don't like it. So, guess I'll stay with the desk top, and even though I could use my phone for internet, I don't trust myself. Especially after learning that by my letting Ry use the phone for videos without the Wi-Fi on. Whew, that bill was sky high so now I just tell her my phone is broken and let her use the desktop for videos.

Good luck with the sale. I hope you do really well.


Grandma K said...

I use two lap tops (long story), and I have to double check where they open every time I use them! But I agree - I am glad you didn't make it back to the store! That's something like I would do,

Donna said...

I like HP...I have 5 computers counting this one here at work!Hahaaa
I have HP, Mac, and Dell...Just downloaded M10 on my newest HP at home and I think I like it.
Takes some adjusting.
Sorry your Dad's sale didn't work out...I think Spring is the best time.