Wednesday, December 6, 2017

It's Been A While

I know it's forever between my posts. I would say I wish I had more time, but then I would make time if I really wanted to! Plus, my life is boring and if I was posting more  than once a month or so I would quickly run out of stuff to blog about!

So lets get on with stuff off of my iPhone!

If you are my facebook friend than you saw this picture of my blooming Christmas cactus! I love when it blooms. We keep it in the guest bedroom and since we never have any guests the room is dark all night and that is the perfect environment (so I've heard anyway!)

I see cars like this one around town all of the time. I always wondered why the owners would want their cars painted like that! Then I learned that they are prototype cars and the auto companies do that to camouflage the lines and design of the car so no one will try to copy it as they test drive them all over the place! The more you know!

I bought a machine from Amazon and have been converting all of my parents old 8 mm films into digital format. The machine was designed to hold the 3 inch reels only so when I had to do two larger rolls that wouldn't fit Rich came up with this idea, a pen taped to a kleenex box! Worked like a charm!

I have to say that watching those old movies that start with my moms wedding shower in 1954 and continue to 1969 has been pretty wonderful! There is a honeymoon video of my mom and dads and they look so young and happy! All of our first birthdays, all of our first communions and a bunch of vacation videos! So great!

Here's a still shot of me and Karen taken in 1964 when we were both 7 years old. It was the summer we met and have been friends ever since!

That's it for now. I'll leave you with an adorable picture of you-know-who!

Such an sweet, happy boy!

Coming soon: A health scare!


Judy said...

Not suppose to move the Cactus after it blooms--it says, the blooms will die and fall off.
A few years ago, I had all my movie reels converted onto to DVD's and gave each to the kids. I so love seeing movies of my mother and daddy and grandma and us when we were young. Ah--the best of times.
A health scare? I hope not too scary!!!

Donna said...

I took our family film to a photo place and had it copied onto a dvd. Love watching it too...

Sally said...

So good to "see" you. The pic of you & Karen; you still have that beautiful smile! I don't have any movie reels, but do have "tapes" that I'd like to get copied on dvd's.

That little feller gets cuter all the time!

A health scare? Please let us know how you are now, or Rich. :(

Oh, and the Christmas cactus; I need to remind Britt to take hers in since it's forecast for freezing here soon. Yours is so beautiful.