Sunday, July 1, 2018

House Stuff Continues

We  are finally getting to the finish line with all the work we have been doing to this house.

Some things we did I did not take pictures of:

Repaired sagging drywall on the ceiling of the dinette area. We had a leak in the upstairs bath toilet which caused the drywall to get wet and sag. It sat there for more years than I want to admit because it's embarrassing. But alas, potential buyers would not appreciate it.  Rich got a quote from a company about having it replaced and it was over $700 so he did it himself. He did a good job, too!

Replaced some landscaping bricks that were crumbled and trimmed or cut down a lot of bushes. Our next door neighbors don't take care of their property very well. He only runs the lawnmower when the grass gets too long but doesn't trim anything. They have bushes on their property line that were growing on to our property an looked messy so Rich cut them back. Bags and bags of branches and leaves!

We have two furnaces in our house. One for the main house and a smaller one for the large added on family room. The heating part of the smaller furnace hasn't worked in a few years and we have been using space heaters in the winter. But once again, that would be something that potential buyers would not appreciate so we called a furnace company. They came out and it cost us $132 for them to tell us that the thermostat was bad and it would cost us $650 to replace it! Well their thermostats must be lined in gold because I went to the hardware store and bought one for $25 and Rich installed it. It's not fancy but it is programmable so it's perfect!  Jeez!

Rich repaired a some cracks in our driveway and patio. This is one of the longest.

This was the widest in the back off of the patio.

We actually did do something for ourselves too. This dining room set was my grandmothers.

We plan on taking getting rid of our dinette set and taking this one with us when we move. The chairs used to be covered with blue checked material.

It was nice when we had the blue carpet in that room but they were hard to keep clean and a cat hair magnet!

So we replaced the cushion covers with black vinyl.

They look much better and will go well in the new place we will be moving to. Plus, no more cat hair!

More on the new place later....I don't want to jinx it!

And of course, here is my usual picture of Maxwell.

Static cling! His dad put this picture on SnapChat!

Well, next time I update our house should be on the market and I'll be able to tell you about the new place.

Until then.........


Sally said...

You guys have done so much on the house! Amazing, isn't it how much company's charge when in actuality, as you said, the parts are not expensive. Thank goodness Rich and you have been able to take care of those things. The chairs look good with the black vinyl too.

I can't wait to hear about where you're going, and see pics. :)

Maxwell? He's such an adorable little guy. I love this photo!


Ann Thompson said...

Lots getting done there. It's amazing how much people charge to do stuff. It's always better if you can do it yourself.
Love the static hair picture. Too cute

Judy said...

It's amazing how we get used to broken things, or water stains. We live with them so long we don't even see them anymore---until we have to have the house appraised and tidied up to sell.
I cannot wait to see your new place. How exciting for you.
That little Buddy of yours sure is a cutie pie.

Pam Jackson said...

Oh man....getting ready to put a place on the market is a lot of work and it seems like in your case hard work. Thanks for dropping by my blog and saying hi, leaving a nice comment. You are welcome back anytime!

Donna said...

A/C people are as bad as plumbers!Hahaaa
They should have given you an estimate...usually, free...

Crystal Waid said...

Lol, I love that last pic and the static cling!!!