Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday Again

Well it's Monday again. The weekends sure do fly by! We even had a extra hour!

Did not do a whole lot this weekend.

Friday night dinner at Legacy with the usual gang.

Saturday morning Marie and I walked and had breakfast. Watched two episodes of The S0pranos. Chris and Marissa were over for a while. Went to the MGM to use some freeplay. It was very crowded. I do not like going there when there is so many people. They bug me, plus the Michigan-Michigan State game was on so it was noisy with people yelling and screaming.

Sunday morning grocery shopping and then I finally went out and got the outside cleaned up. Took all of the dead flowers out of the barrels and pots, put a bunch of stuff in the shed and in the garage, basically just cleaned up and got ready for winter and the snow! I also put away the Halloween stuff and got out the Thanksgiving decorations. I think this is the first year that I have actually decorated for Thanksgiving so early. Man, I am good! I also cleaned out the downstairs closet and put 4 coats in the trunk of my car in the hope that I will find somewhere to donate them.

Today is my brother Tom's 49th birthday!


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