Thursday, November 30, 2023

Thanksgiving and Other Stuff

Thanksgiving was nice. I didn't take many pictures as usual because I was in the moment. I did take this one though

Along with their personalized Christmas ornaments I gave the boys kits to make their own light up ceramic Christmas trees! They both started painting them as soon as they got them! 

These are their ornaments for this year. 

My job is going great. It's an adventure that's for sure. The first day I worked one of the concierges came in for her shift and promptly quit!  Then a few days later we find out the company has been sold and the name will be changing in the middle of December! 

On Sunday while I was working one of the residents in the memory Care wing pulled the fire alarm thinking it would open the door and they could escape! It took the fire department an hour to turn it off! All the residents were coming up to the desk wondering what was going on! 

I got my house decorated for Christmas. As much as I'm going to do, anyway. I put up the snowmen and my big and miniature trees.  

This is my newest snowman for this year. 

It's actually an accessory to the Dickins village they have at Bronner's. It's only about an inch or so tall but I thought it was so cute! It's called "sorry...NOT" 

Here's the bow wreath I started to make last February, ran out of bows and finished in May when I bought some more at an estate sale! 

I think it looks pretty against the blue door. 

All the trees including the miniature one. That white thing in the front right is a diffuser. I just decorated it to make it fit in! 

Here's my newest miniature ornament. 

A little cake with a slice out of it! 

Shauna and Brad and the boys are leaving for Florida on Saturday. Brad knows someone that works for Disney and they got free tickets to 2 of the parks. I'll miss them but they will have a blast! 

That's it for me for now.

Take care and thanks for stopping by! 

Monday, November 20, 2023

Random Stuff

The new job is going well as can be expected. I'm a little overwhelmed with all the things I've had to learn but I'm feeling a little more comfortable every day. Everyone is helpful. Several people gave me their phone numbers and told me to call anytime if I need anything. 

I already love some of the resident's I've met! They are all so sweet! I think they are going to be the best part of my job! 

Tomorrow I will be on my own for the first time. 

We did get the bedroom painted. I'm not going to post any pictures yet because I want to finish decorating the room. It came out very nice though! 

A while back I posted about my son Chris having feral chickens in his backyard. Someone asked what he is going to do if they are still around when winter hits. I said knowing him I didn't think he would just leave them out to the elements, and I was right. 

He bought this chicken coop kit off Am@zon and put it together for them! It's outside now and he says they're warming up to it. Their still free to come and go but now they have somewhere to go when it gets cold and snowy! 

Shauna and Brad got passports for the boys. These are their pictures. 

Even those are so cute! 

I got my Christmas tree put up over the weekend. This is another one of my miniatures that I turned into a Christmas ornament. 

The whole thing is less than 4" tall and each little cup is 1/2 inch tall. I remember being so excited to find cups with mine and Shauna's names on them because it's rare to find our names on anything! 

My Thanksgiving cactus is blooming right on time. 

It's smaller and doesn't have as many blooms this year because I cut it back and transplanted it to a new pot over the summer. I'm just glad to see it bloomed at all! 

Well, that's it for now. I'm having about 10 people for Thanksgiving this year so I'm looking forward to a quiet one. Then I work for the next 4 days! 

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, love and good food! 

See you the next time and thanks for stopping by!