Thursday, June 8, 2023

An Interesting Estate Sale


The latest estate sale I went to was at this house. 

I've always loved houses with a long front porch. This house was not for sale yet but Zillow valued it at $375,000. 

My guess is a single man lived here because I only saw one bed although there was 4 bedrooms, and only men's clothes in the closets. 

And the decor of the whole house was sort of a Southwestern, Native American, cowboy theme. although it wasn't reflected in the kitchen.

The kitchen cupboards were filled with food and everything was $1

Here's more pictures. I liked this wolf clock. 

Boot jars going all up the staircase. 

Oh, and apparently he was a huge Elvis fan! 

This Elvis in an egg was pretty cool. There were two of them priced at $20 each.

And an Elvis phone. 

The best thing was this though. A model of Graceland for $50! 

It included a pink Cadillac, all of the graves and even a little set of gates with the Elvis silhouette and musical notes on them! 

It was adorable and I loved it! 

I didn't find anything to buy but it was definitely a fun estate sale to walk around!

In other news. 

The boys only have two more weeks of baseball and they got their medals. 

I snuck this picture of Rich at work the other day. 

He was busy marking down items that were nearing their expiration date. 

That's about it for me now. 

Thanks for stopping by and see you the next time! 

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Comfy Spaces and Estate sale

Last year our glass patio table was shattered by too much pressure from the umbrella. I posted about it in this post in case you missed it.  We spent the rest of the summer with just a couple of little side tables. This year I bought a new, smaller metal table that fits the space so much better and won't break!  

I bought new cushions for the chairs and cleaned up our umbrella. It was pretty dirty after sitting in our shed without a cover for a year. I took the cover off and put it in the washing machine. It came out really nice! Now our little deck is a comfy place to sit once again! 

Friday I was off work so I drove to the local park for my morning walk. 

It is a very pretty place to walk and a little hilly so it's a good work out! 

After my walk I happened upon an estate sale sign so of course I had to go to it! 

This is the house. 

It was not for sale but Zillow estimated its value at $575,000. You'll see why in a minute. 

Here's the kitchen.

Outdated of course but not too bad. I liked the peninsula with the stools around it. 

Here's the view out the window above. 

This is why the value is so high. It's on a lake! I knew there was a lake in this area I just wasn't sure exactly where. You can't see it from the road. 

Anyway, besides the view the house wasn't anything special and the prices were ridiculously high! 

I thought this sign was cute. 

And I have to agree! I liked these wine glasses. 

Not for $15 each though! There was this napkin dispenser. 

Cute and I know CocaCola stuff is popular, but they were asking $30 for it!

I liked this sign. 

They were asking $10 so I passed! 

I really liked these Christmas candles. 

Not for $20 for the set though! See what's underneath? That's right, Longaberger baskets! I hit the mother lode of them at this sale!

There was every kind and size of basket you could ask for! They ranged in price from $50 for the smallest one up to $500! They were all in beautiful shape, but don't they know that Longaberger baskets are a dime a dozen at estate sales this year? 

I almost told the people running the estate sale that the prices were way to high! 

Of course, I didn't buy anything at this one! 

I was happy enough just to enjoy the beautiful view! Wouldn't it be nice to have your morning coffee on this deck? 


Two days later I went back to the same sale because it was the last day and everything was 75% off (except the Longaberger baskets..they were 60% off). I ended up buying this pretty silver picture frame that was marked $2.  

And the welcome sign was still available, so I grabbed it. 

The candles above were still there and were now $5 for the set but I noticed a chip in one of them that I didn't see before so I passed. 

Total spent: $3. Now that's more like it!! 

Our Memorial weekend was nice. We both worked some of the days but managed to spend quality grandson time and attend a few barbeques!

I hope your weekend was filled with family, friends and good food! 

Thanks for stopping by! See you the next time!