Tuesday, November 23, 2021

One More Before Thanksgiving

I just thought I would sneak in another post before I get busy with Thanksgiving stuff! 

My tree is completely decorated. Maxwell and Levi helped a little but they were only interested for a short time. 

They hung all the ornaments on the bottom 3 feet of the tree, with a little direction from Nonnie.  Otherwise, all the ornaments would have been hung on one branch!

I think the sun reflecting on the wall from this glass candle holder looks pretty. Kind of like Christmas tree lights! 

I bought myself an early Christmas present. I was going to wait and let Rich get it for me but my coffee brewer was biting the dust fast and also, K0hl's had it on sale for a fantastic price! I like having the option of brewing a pot or a single cup. I like a pot in the morning and sometimes I like a cup of decaf in the evening after dinner. 

I got this little reusable filter too because those pods are expensive! 

One of the customers at the CBD store gave me this waxed Amaryllis on Thursday. I have never had one before. Apparently, it blooms in 3-4 weeks, the blooms last 2-3 weeks and then it's done. I don't have a picture but between then and today it's definitely bigger! 

Lastly, this was Maxwell's school craft project from yesterday when the teacher asked him what he was thankful for. My heart......

We are having 9 people for Thanksgiving this year. I love a small gathering so it should be a lot of fun. 

Until the next time have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving. my friends.

Sunday, November 14, 2021

More Random Stuff

 Look at me! Two posts in one week! 

I figured I would do another photo dump from my phone for your viewing pleasure! 

This is two of the pots I planted this summer. I always put a spike in the middle and flowers around them. Normally when I pull the dead flowers I pull the spikes too. 

This year I left them because they were still green and very much alive. Since then they have literally doubled in size! I'm going to leave them until they are totally dead. 

My little azalea is such a pretty shade of red right now! Reminds me of the burning bushes we had at our other house! 

I woke up this morning to snow on the ground and snow coming down! This was my view driving on my way to Shauna's today.  Ugh!  I am not ready for this yet! 

I put my Christmas tree up today also. I bought a gold bow yesterday for a tree topper and I really like it. 

It will match the gold garland I have. I'll post a picture of the completed tree when it's done some time later this week. Putting on ornaments is not my favorite thing to so it will be going slow! 

I made this little decoration from a child-sized Santa hat I bought last year for a tree topper that didn't work out! It came out cute, I think. Now I have to figure out how and where to hang it! 

OK that's it for my photo dump! I'm going to have dinner and chill in front of the TV for the rest of the night! 

Until the next time stay safe and well my friends!