Sunday, June 20, 2021

Take Me Out To The (T) ball Game

My son Chris was in town this week. He flew in on Tuesday and left on Saturday night. 

He specifically came here to see Maxwell's one and only T-ball game. He was here for the practice on Tuesday and for the big game on Saturday morning. 

Of course, because you  can't count on Michigan weather for squat it was rainy and cold for Maxwell's game. They played 3 innings anyway and it was pretty cute if not a little uncomfortable. 

Here he is with his team (in front with the white pants) and with his little trophy!  Although he struggled a little with being so shy he says he'll play again next year. The league is for 4 and 5 year old's so he'll be at the upper age and also will have a year of pre-school behind him.

We also had a graduation party to go to and it stormed off and on the whole time! Luckily they had a big tent we were under! 

Then we dropped Chris off at the airport for his 9:00 flight back to New Hampshire. It's always a little sad and quiet at our house for a day or two when he leaves. Luckily we'll see him again for our family vacation up north! 

That was it for my week! 

Until the next time stay safe and well my friends

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Saving Baby Robin

We have two big pine trees in the front of our house and for the last couple of weeks we have been watching a robins nest in one of them. A few days ago we could see the baby robins were pretty big and standing on the edge of the nest ready to fly the coop! 

We also have two neighborhood cats who like to hang around on our deck because Rich gives them treats and also because they like to watch the birds at our feeder.  They actually belong to the people across the street from us. I was talking to the neighbor and she told me their names are Gabriel and Rosita! She also said she worries about them running across the street all the time and I refrained from asking her if she's so worried about it why does she let them outside? 

Anyway, can you see where I'm going with this? 

Saturday night we kept the boys overnight and Sunday we were hanging around outside with them before their mom came to pick them up. I was looking across the street and noticed one of their cats pounce on something. I watched for a second and could see a bird try to get away and the cat pounce on it again. When I mentioned it to Rich he said that about a hour ago he saw one of the cats grab a baby bird off of our lawn and run across the street with it!  

Oh no...not one of MY baby birds! I walked across the street and I could hear the robins chirping in the closest tree. I shooed the cat away and picked up the baby bird. It was so tiny and had a small puncture wound on it's neck! But it seemed ok otherwise. It was standing and flapping it's wings. I brought it back to our yard to show the boys. 

Maxwell immediately held his hands out to hold it. Levi declined but did pet it very gently. The bird looks big in Maxwell's little hands but it fit perfectly in the palm of my hand! It was so tiny!

Then I had Rich put it in the tree on the highest branch he could reach. After a short while the parent birds were coming to it and feeding it. The next time I looked the baby and the parents were gone. 

I going to assume they all flew away together! 

All the splash pads have opened again in this area and Shauna and I took the boys to one on Friday. 

They loved it. I see we will be spending a lot of time at them this summer!

Until the next time stay safe and well my friends!