Friday, May 20, 2022

Victoria aka Tori

This was the 2nd cat we got about 6 months after we got Stacy. 

Fine, go ahead and tell them all about me! 

We named her Victoria but always called her Tori. She was a Torti and we got her as a kitten from the same co-worker we got Stacy from. Seems Tori and her litter mates were abandoned under someone's deck when they were very tiny. My coworker was a cat foster mom and she bottle fed Tori and her litter mates until they were old enough to be adopted out. 

Of course, seeing as we now had a love affair with cats it was a given that we would be adopting one. I can't for the life of me find any pictures of her when she was little. All the ones I have are digital taken after she was grown. 

She's only the boss because I let her be! 

Here's her and Stacy at the kitchen window. They got along pretty good as long as Tori remembered who was boss! 

Tori was my cat thru and thru!  She loved me and I love her something fierce. Of course, I loved all my cats but there was something special about her!  She purred all the time and so loud you could hear her coming before she walked into the room! She came to me anytime I called to her and slept with me every night! 

Back in those days we used to let our cats be indoor and outdoor cats. They would go outside during the day and always come back in the evening or we would find them and bring them inside. They never went very far so it was easy. 

Tori was a great hunter and I think she single handedly decimated the vole and mouse population in our neighborhood. Every day there would be dead creatures  at our door! 

One time she didn't show up in the evening or all the next day! As you can imagine I was sick at heart thinking something happened to her. We walked all over the neighborhood asking if anyone saw her but nobody did. I cried all the next day I felt so bad! Then late that night I heard her meow at the door wall in the backyard. I ran downstairs and there she was! So thirsty she ran right to the water bowl and then ate a whole bowl of food! We figured she must have been trapped in someone's garage or shed!

I wonder how many creatures I can get today? 

Another time I hadn't seen her all day and as I was walking around the house I noticed the dog in the yard behind us was barking and scratching at a hole in their backyard. Rich grabbed some lunchmeat and stood at the fence feeding and distracting the dog, while I ran around the block and went into the backyard. I don't know if they were home or not but I didn't care! I ran to the hole and sure enough, there was Tori way deep inside! She came to me as soon as she saw me! Thank goodness the dog couldn't reach her! I carried her home and she didn't go outside for a few days! 

You really didn't think I'd let that dog get me did you? 

One time, and this is really hard to write about even to this day, I was doing laundry and had just thrown about 5 pairs of jeans in the dryer. After a few minutes I heard Tori meowing really loud. I stupidly thought she was outside ready to fight with another cat so I walked all around the outside yard to find her. I didn't see her or hear her so I went back in the house. When I was back inside I heard her meowing very loud and deep like she was in distress. Then it dawned on me that she was in the dryer! I flew into the utility room and pulled open the door and she came stumbling out! She was very warm and actually steaming a little. I immediately called the vet crying and they told me to give her lots of water and watch her for a while to see if she showed any kind of distress. She actually was fine after about 15 minutes and jumped up on the bed for a mid day nap, giving me a dirty look on the way! I on the other hand couldn't sleep for weeks just thinking of what would have happened if I didn't get her out in time. I would have been devastated to this day! I actually have tears in my eyes typing this.

Chill out mom, I'm fine!

There were other small incidences where she could have been hurt or worse. She kept us on our toes for most of her life. Eventually as she got older she slowed down a lot and didn't go outside so much. 

She started losing her eyesight but other than that she remained pretty healthy. 

Yes, getting old is not for the weak!

Then one day she started walking in circles and couldn't stay on her feet because she had developed some neurological issues. We knew it was time to let her go. 

We made an appointment at the vet but as was typical of Tori she did things her way! She died in my arms before we could get her there. We buried her in the flower garden at our old house. 

She was 2 weeks short of 20 years old! 

I still miss her to this day. The above picture is one I have in a frame here in my craft room. She was by far the best cat I ever owned and there will never be another one like her! 

Until the next time stay safe and well my friends! 

Monday, May 16, 2022

Our First Cat

Well, looks like you are going to be getting a lot of posts about old pictures that I am scanning! 

I thought I would show you the first cat we ever owned. 

She was a long-haired white calico named Stacy. We got her when she was 5 years old from a friend of a coworker of mine.  The friend and her husband were both doctors and worked long shifts. Stacy was lonely even though she had other cats in the house. She loved being around people and so her owners thought she would be happier in a house with lots of people and activity!

We tried to keep her isolated in Shauna's room for the first week we had her because we also had a german shepherd mix dog named Missy. 

But Stacy was having none of that and scratched at the door until we relented and let her out! 

She adapted pretty well to us, or I should say she allowed us to be in the same house with her! 

We also learned that cats pretty much go where they want! 

Yes, she is laying on the stove!  Good grief! 

It's didn't take her long to find these guys either!

We had a couple hamsters at the time and Stacy's favorite past time, if she wasn't picking on the dog that is, was to try to see a way she could get to them! 

Speaking of the dog Missy, the cat was not at all intimidated by her and quickly let her know who was boss! Missy was a gentle dog though and would not have layed a paw on her! 

She really was a pretty cat and she lived to be 16 years old.  After she passed away, I gave some pictures of her to my mom and she made me an exact replica ceramic cat. 

She was a wonderful cat and started our love affair with cats. We've had 7 different cats through the years including the three we still have now. 

On my next post I'll tell you about Tori, our cat that actually used all of her 9 lives! 

Until the next time stay safe and well my friends!