Monday, May 20, 2024

Lego Flower Bouquet

I few posts ago I showed you my shelf with the Lego flowers that I built. I forgot to mention that one of the flowers was missing a very tiny but important piece. 

The little piece that holds one of the flowers onto the stem! I looked all through the pieces and even looked in the boys Legos to see if there was something similar to use. 

But no luck. 

Luckily, I went to and was able to order the exact piece I needed. 

Free of charge of course and it took about 3 business days to arrive. 

And now it's completely finished. 

In other news, I have several Orchid plants that Rich brought home from work. One of them is just a tiny one. The instructions say to water it with one ice cube every week. 

The ice cube barely fits in the pot! 

That's it for me for now. 

See you the next time and thanks for stopping by!


  1. How wonderful you were able to order that tiny piece for free!
    They turned out so Pretty!!

  2. That's a tiny little pot! Seems like the orchid wouldn't like the cold from the ice cube, but it must not make it too cold.
    Glad the Lego people were quick with that missing piece!

  3. There is a corporate LEGO store at the mall close to our house, but if I go the other direction there is a store called Minifig, which bills itself as an independent LEGO resale shop.

  4. Yours is the second blog who posted Lego flowers. 🌹 They’re cute.

  5. I’ve battled orchids for years…..meaning trying to get them to bloom again. There is so much conflicting advice online about how to water them.

  6. The bouquet is gorgeous!!! And that is my kind of easy watering, surely you can't go wrong!

  7. That's actually pretty amazing that they got you that one teeny part so quickly considering ALL the Lego bricks out there.

  8. Who would have ever thought there were Lego flower bouquets? 🤣

    It amazes me that orchids like to watered with ice cubes. How does this happen in the wild?

  9. Your Lego bouquet is pretty cool. Yeah for the company sending the piece free of charge and so quickly.
    I had one of those plants that you watered with an ice cube. I kept it alive for quite a while before I started forgetting it's weekly watering and it died.

  10. The lego flowers are so cute. Good they sent you the piece free and quickly.

  11. That is great that you were able to order that little part and nice that you weren't charged for it. :)
    Wow that watering with an ice cube once a week is pretty neat. I've not heard of that.

  12. I love that Lego flower, I'm glad they were able to get the needed piece to you.

  13. So, the strangest thing happened last night. I was getting caught up on a number of blogs I had not read for a few weeks, and leaving comments on each one. I got to yours and read this post and composed a comment, and then was told that I had reached my limit of comments for that day and to try again tomorrow ... ???? That is a first, hahahaa! I mean I have done the same thing for years and never been told I'd reached my limit ... BUT I took a screenshot of my comment and here it is:

    How cute those Lego flowers are! And just today I read Ginny Hartzler's blog and saw a picture of a Lego sunflower her granddaughter had made for her! So clever!!!!! And watering the orchid with a single ice cube is so cute! xoxo


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