Monday, December 17, 2007


Well, let's see whats going on..

Last night my dad's girlfriend called at about 11:30 to say that my dad was running a fever of 103. and that he was shaking uncontroably with the chills. She wanted to call 911 and he did not want her to. She was pretty histerical. She kept saying that she gave him one tylenol a hour ago and nothing was helping. I talked to my dad and he sounded pretty I called my oldest brother to find out how to get over there (my dad was staying at his girlfriends house.) My brother decided to go himself, took a bunch of aspirin, gave him 3 when he got there and his fever broke 1/2 hour later.

This morning my brother called me to say that he had taken him to the doctor and that they were going to admit him to the hospital. His hiatal hernia is very big and protruding into his stomach. They don't know if that is causing the fever, but they need to get it under control and then fix that hernia. Crap, I feel bad because I literally was blowing him off as just having the flu and being a baby about it, and his girlfriend for over reacting. Well, fever and chills are signs of the flu

LATER: Well I went to the hospital after I got off of work. He seems much better than he has been. No more fever and no more chills. They are going to keep him and do a ultrasound of his hernia and possible gallbladder tomorrow and then decide when to do surgery. When I left he was sleeping.

I am taking Friday off. We are having our Christmas brunch then but I really want to get my shopping done and don't particularly want to hit the mall over the weekend. I should be able to get it finished on Friday as long as I get a early start! Well, time to watch TV in bed!


Junebug said...

i said a prayer for your dad last night when I went to bed. I hope he continues to improve. My dad had ulcers that were bleeding and he didn't take care of it quickly enough. I never knew.

wildeyez said...

I do hope your father will be alright. You and he are in my thoughts.

Jeanette said...

Thanks guys for your thoughts and prayers.