Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Secret Santa Day #1 and Dad

Today is day one of the 4-day Secret Santa gift exchange here at the workplace. What we do is we buy three gifts from the dollar store, and a $5 gift for the last day. Total invested: $8. It's fun and you can get some really cute stuff for a dollar!

This is what I got today:

For my person I got a little Christmas night light, a little tin box filled with candy, a glass bulb and for the $5 gift, a hot chocolate kit, which includes a huge mug, hot chocolate packets and marshmallows.

In other news, Dad is having gallbladder surgery today at 4:00. My two older brothers are going to be there. As I thought would happen, no one was there with him when the doctor talked to him so, of course, he didn't ask any questions. What about this hiatal hernia that they've talked about? Are they going to be fixing that, too? I guess we will have to wait to talk to the surgeon before he does the surgery! Man, times like this we really miss my mom. She would have been right there, asking all sorts of questions!

I got my blood test results from last week. My A1C is 6.5, which is down .5, which is excellent. My cholesterol is great too: 155. Woo Hoo! Guess this clean leaving is paying off!
No fun but whatever!

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Junebug said...

Yes, I know what you mean about your mom asking the questions and being there for your dad. The last year my dad faced hospital without my step-mom and who knew what was going on? Not me. Great cholesterol count, I have to take Crestor to get mine that low.