Thursday, February 28, 2008

Grand Time And I Became Official

We spent Saturday night at the MGM grand hotel. Don and Linda went with us and a couple of the guys that Rich works with were there, too. It is a beautiful hotel! First class. There was even a TV in the bathroom! The shower was the size of my half bath. The bed was really comfortable. We had dinner in the buffet and breakfast at Wolfgang Pucks. The breakfast portions were surprisingly big and the food was really delicious at both places. All in all we had a great time.

My promotion came through at work. I am now officially a Administrative Assistant Intermediate. It came with a 10% raise so I'm happy. Trying to look for another job right now is really tough. Too many people out of work in our lovely state! So I do the same job, just make more money doing it!

Tuesday night we had someone come over to give us a estimate on having our wallpaper removed. It's a pretty good price so we are going to go for it. We're going to let him paint too. What he will do in 4 days would take us many, many weekends! It's so worth the money! He should be getting started next week.

Shauna got an apartment and will be moving out probably the 3rd week in March. The apartment she is getting had a lady living in it for 30 years, so they will be completely redoing it. New carpet, paint, cupboards and appliances. It's a really nice apartment complex and I think it's full of old people. So I feel good that she will be safe there. Plus she's only about 3 miles from us. I can't wait to help her move and bring her food and stuff! Saturday we are going shopping because she needs practically everything! Too bad we can't have a "moving out" shower!

It's supposed to snow again tonight. I was really bummed to see this today:

The darn meter-reader person ruined our pristine snow in the back yard!


Junebug said...

So you had a wonderful trip. That's great. We are having warm days this week. 60's and 70's.

dawn224 said...

Congrats on the raise!