Thursday, February 21, 2008

Frozen Lunar Eclipse

It's been cold again lately. I know, I complain a lot about it but damnit! I don't recall ever being so ready for Spring as I am this year! Seems to be this has been a colder and more snowy winter than usual, or it could be that we have been spoiled by so many mild winters! Whatever.

Speaking of whatever, there is a radio talk show I have been listening to every night on my way home from work called Whatever with Jennifer and Alexis. I rather like it. For some reason I like to listen to talk radio driving home. Makes the time go buy faster for some reason. I usually don't listen to news because it's only bad stuff anymore. I also used to listen to Dr. Laura but she's not on anymore and she was beginning to bug the shit out of me, anyway! She's so judgemental!

Unless you live in a box you know that last night was the lunar eclipse.

It was cool looking but too cold to stand out there for very long!

This weekend we are spending the night at the MGM hotel. We were going to spend the night two weeks ago but it was right after my surgery and I was too uncomfortable. I am looking forward to it. Don and Linda are going too. It should be fun.

Next week I am having someone come over to give us a estimate on taking the rest of the wallpaper down. Just about every room in the house was covered in wallpaper when we moved in and we have personally taken down the wallpaper in the kitchen, the library/computer room, the master bedroom and the dining area. There is still wallpaper in the living room, dining room, front hallway, stairwell, upstairs hallway, master bath and half bath. I want ALL of it gone!

Hopefully it won't cost a fortune but I think it will be worth every penny!


Laura said...

It was beautiful. And, I agree, it has been way too cold for way too long. I have already forgotten the warmth of our vacation because it has been frozen out of me.

Junebug said...

That's a very nice photo of the moon.

Laura said...

Popping in to say hello and wondering how the wallpaper removal went.