Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter And A Free Car Wash

We had a very nice Easter. Everyone came and Jim made egg-drop soup to go along with the ham, cheesy potatoes and stuff. It was all very good and as usual I ate too much. I completely forgot to make the fugasa, which is an Italian Easter bread. This is the second time I've done that. It's terrible because my mom made it every year without fail, and her mom made it every year without fail. I guess the tradition stops with me, although I did make it last year.

Plus, no one even made hard boiled eggs. We really sucked at Easter this year!

Earlier in the day Rich took my car to the car wash. It was nice and sunshiny out so there was a line a few cars long. When he got up to the front and tried to pay for the wash, he was told that the woman in the line ahead of him already paid for it! He didn't get a chance to thank her she was gone so fast. She must have been doing her good deed for Easter Sunday. I told him he'll need to "pay it forward" someday.

Shauna is settling in her new apartment. She loves it. It seems strange to be empty nesters once again. I miss her being there but it's probably a good thing when we start renovating the house to have one less person dealing with the mess!

Rich's mom is turning 90 on the 1st of April. We are going to the nursing home this Sunday to celebrate. Hopefully the kids will be able to go, too. They haven't seen her in a very long time.

Today I am going to W@L Mart to order prescription sunglasses. I am tired of using those dorky clip on glasses and I lost them anyway!

Looking forward to sunny days!

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