Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hi Anxiety

We had the people that are doing out wallpaper removal over last night to get a deposit and drop off paint colors. I really just want a white or neutral color, only there's about 100 different whites to choose from! Good Lord. Kind of a tough decision but I will try not to over-think it! As long as the walls are not glaringly white, I will probably be happy with any one of them! Rich is no help because he'll like whatever I pick.

I did not sleep for beans last night. I have times of extreme anxiety and last night was one of them. It kept me from sleeping good and I did not have anything to take. I really need to get some xan-- or adav-- or something from the doctor next time I go. I did take some tylenol sinus earlier which seems to have a calming effect on me. Strange but true.

Chris was over last night. Marissa is out of town skiing with her dad and his family. Chris was going to go but after his shoulder broke, he decided to stay home rather than be bored there while everyone else is skiing. He ate dinner with us.

One of the managers in the area I work took a 4-month leave late last year under mysterious circumstances. No one knew or would say what was going on with her. Anyway, she came back a month ago and everything seemed to be normal. However, yesterday she was supposedly escorted out of the building by security for whatever reason. We were told that she was on leave, again. Oh well. Everyone is so secretive and we are absolutely dying to know what the hell is going on!!

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