Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools Day

Today is my MIL's 90th birthday. Rich, Chris and Shauna went to the nursing home Sunday to celebrate with his family. I stayed home with the fumes...and the painters.

Well, the wallpaper "removal" is coming along well. I put removal in quotes because they are not completely removing the wallpaper. They are taking the vinyl off and leaving the paper backing that is glued to the wall. When I first realized they were doing this, I was a little concerned. I mean, we could have easily done that ourselves! But in order to leave that paper backing, they have to paint over it with a oil-based base coat and that I would NOT want to be doing! Its messy and stinky and a pain to clean up! They are doing a good job so far, though. There are spots where the paper was peeling off and I certainly hope that they smooth them out enough so they are not noticable. Oh well, I don't have to finish paying them until they are done and I am satisfied with the job.

I worry too much, Rich says. I personally think I'm reeling from paint fumes!

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