Friday, April 4, 2008

Bored And Dusty!

I took the day off today so that the painters can finish up. As I sit here they are almost done. They are doing a clean up but there is a coating of dust throughout the house from all of the sanding. I have to say that it looks excellent! I really happy with the color I picked. All by itself it just looks white, but compared to white, it looks like a light beige! Exactly what I was hoping for!

Wednesday I started to feel like I had a cold coming on so I stopped at the store to get some Zycam. I have never used it before and it is supposed to help shorten the life of a cold or something. They happened to have it on "sale" ($7.88? gah!) so I bought the strawberry flavored chewable ones. I popped one in my mouth and for the first 2 seconds it actually tasted pretty good...then the real taste set in. God! It was everyghint I could do to finish chewing and swallow. It left a awful taste in my mouth and I was not supposed to drink anything for 15 minutes. The directions say to chew one every three hours, so three hours later I popped another one in my mouth. If it was possible, that one tasted even worse! I don't know, I just know that I can't eat another one! I wonder if they'll take them back at the store?

Because I was not able to leave the house today, I had time to finally work on my beading. I made 7 pairs of earrings. I actually enjoyed it alot and even designed a pair myself! I'll probably give some away.

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