Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kitties in the Sunshine

This cold that I have had for two weeks now sure is persistent. Just when I start to feel better it comes right back. Friday I started to feel crappy again and now I'm coughing and stuffed up. Hopefully it will run it's course quickly and I will be all better soon.

Sunday we went out bought a new TV. Its a 40" Sony Wega HDTV. It's really nice. We also bought a stand for it because it would not fit in our entertainment center. The stand is really nice wood and black glass. Together they make a very nice piece of furniture. And the corner of the family room really opened up with that big entertainment center gone.

It was warm and sunny yesterday and the wind was blowing pretty hard. I opened the doorwall and the kitties all went crazy looking at all of the leaves and debris blowing around the backyard. Here's 5 of 6 cats looking out of the doorwall.

Tory was sitting in the sun further back. She's too old to be fooled by that stuff anymore!

We had someone come over to give us a estimate on new gutters for the house yesterday. It's not quite as expensive as we thought it would be so we'll probably have it done next week. The same person is going to tear down this ugly shed we have in our backyard, too. There will be pictures of course.

Oh yeah, and the Tigers are breaking my heart!

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Back Nine said...

I love the cat picture ... but, um, rock chalk Jayhawk.