Wednesday, September 24, 2008


It's been really beautiful out these last few days, but Fall is definitely in the air! The trees haven't started changing yet, it's a little too soon. I realized when I was doing the photo challenge, that I don't have many pictures of beautiful fall colors. I'm going to have to change that! One of the best places to see them is out the cafeteria window at my workplace. We're up on a hill and the view is so pretty when the trees are in full color. I will be taking pictures for sure!

Last night we had someone come over to talk about having our kitchen redone. It's pretty outdated. I plan on getting new cabinets, counter top, sink and faucet, garbage disposal, and maybe flooring. We have a trash compactor that we probably will get rid of to get more cupboard space. It's a big undertaking and my head is filled right now with what I want and how I want it!

Went to the doctor yesterday for my 3-month blood work. I gained some weight but I knew that already! Hopefully my A1C, which is the three month average sugar level, hasn't risen. I would be bummed. Anyway, I have to get back on track right now. Cruise is only 4 months away!

That's all for now I'm going to post this and call it a entry!


Brenda said...

I hope your blood work is ok too! You've got to be in great shape for all that fun you'll be having on the cruise.

Junebug said...

Exciting times with a kitchen remodel. I want to redo my cabinets and countertops some day. I am going to paint my cabinets white and have a black granite countertop.