Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday At Last

This week seemed to go on forever but it's Friday at last.

I know that I have mentioned before on this blog that parking is a issue at my workplace. It's a huge hospital complex and there is some 30,000 employees, between the school and the medical center. I have to pay to park and I have a permit that sticks to my windshield. For reasons that will go unspoken, I had to take my permit off of my windshield on Tuesday. I forgot to put it back on and when I came out to my car on Wednesday this is what I found:

A ticket for $20! So I had to e-mail the "Parking Referee" and protest the ticket, seeing as I have a permit; it just wasn't on my car. Hopefully they will waive the ticket seeing as I already pay enough to park!

Tonight we went to dinner with the usual people. It sure gets dark early now, and Daylight Saving time will end in a few weeks so it will be getting dark even sooner!
One thing I really hate about Winter is that it's dark in the morning when I go to work and dark when I come home from work! Dark, dark, dark!!

Last night we watched No Country For Old Men. If I recall correctly, it won Best Picture last year. Anyway, it was the kind of movie that when it ended, Rich and I looked at each other and went "Huh?" It was a dark (there's that word again!) movie, violent and gross in places. It's the kind of movie that you have to watch a few times to get the drift, if you know what I mean.

I forgot to mention that last Saturday, Marie and I went to a sub wide garage sale in the complex where my SIL's mom lives. It was HUGE! I bought two small long baskets that I am using in the medicine cabinet upstairs. They work pretty good and keep things organized. I also got a Pampered Chef food chopper. It's in very good condition. Shauna had one when she was living here, that I was using and she had the audacity to take it with her when she moved out! Anyway, I'm glad to have it again. We walked all over the complex. I even saw someone that I used to know at a prior job I had about 5 years ago. It was nice to see her.

Well, time to go stick my nose in my latest book.


Brenda said...

My sister is an RN and for years worked at UAMS in labor and delivery. I thought it was horrible at the enormous amount she had to pay for a parking space. I think they ended up negotiating for reimbursements for parking after some time.

Sally said...

Well, that's a bummer; getting a ticket. You shouldn't have to pay to park in my opinion!

Junebug said...

I've got one of those food choppers. Your picture is very pretty and you have great looking legs! :D

dabrah said...

The hospitals here charge for parking, which is pretty terrible when you think that people visiting hospital have usually got a lot more on their minds to worry about than whether they've got enough change for the car park. I'm on the last chapter of the book I've been reading. Luckily there are at least 19 more books in the series to go so I won't be running out soon.