Friday, October 3, 2008

Good Food, Good Fun and The Kitchen

Last Saturday Marie and I went to breakfast and then shopping, which is our favorite thing to do! We went to Home Depot so I could look for cabinets and stuff for my kitchen redo. I decided to go with white cabinets, wood floor and a dark counter top. It's a big project and the house is going to be in disarray for a month or more, but it will be worth it in the end and I am getting excited.

On Sunday Shauna came over to do laundry. Actually, she was playing with the Wii so I did some of her laundry for her! I'm a good mom! Also, she started a blog of her own called Sassy Sharing . She's having a lot of fun with it. Go say hi!

Sunday night Rich and I went to a dinner given by the head administrators of the department that I work for. It was at a fine dining establishment in a little town called Dexter about 30 minutes from where we live. Here's the menu!

The food was really good. There was a different wine with every course. The atmosphere was wonderful. The service was excellent and the whole thing was free, including the drinks, complements of the administrators. It was awesome and it was so nice to socialize with the people I work with. Even Rich had a great time even though he was with a bunch of people he didn't know!

Although I love my comfort food, I could get used to eating like that. Fine dining is all about blending flavors, and although the portions are very small, after 5 courses and the best. dessert. ever., I was pretty full! I took a ton of pictures of all the people I work with.

The contractor that is going to redo our kitchen was over with his plans on Tuesday night. Now I am getting excited. My kitchen is a U shape and he is going to open it up about 6 inches, which doesn't sound like much but should make a big difference. I chose white cabinets and I plan on having a dark counter top to go with my black appliances. We also decided on a wood floor, which will go in the kitchen, dining area, front foyer and 1/2 bath because it's all one area and right now it's all the same linoleum floor.

Last night Tom and Judy were here and we went out to dinner.

Today is Friday!. Woo hoo!!


Karen M said...

Sounds like a very busy, but exciting week! How fun to get a new kitchen!!

Brenda said...

I know you are so excited about your new kitchen!

Donna said...

How exciting for you to be getting a kitchen remodel! Ya-hoo!!!!!! You'll love it when it's all done. We have white cabinets and still love them after 16 years. It's so refreshing! And the wood flooring is a terrific choice.

Glad you enjoyed the meal! We have meals like that when we go on tours and they are so special! Can't eat like that regularly though, LOL.

Shauna said...

yay Kitchen!