Sunday, October 19, 2008

Beautiful Fall Day

Rich and I went to Island Lake Recreation Area today to take some pictures and to do a little metal detecting.

It was cool but nice to get out in the sunshine and enjoy a beautiful fall day.

Some of the trees are changing or have changed; others are still very green.

We had heard that because of the weird weather we had this summer that a lot of trees will just stay green until the leaves fall off! There is some pretty ones though.

We walked around and stopped by this dam.

Someone wanted to cool their feet while having a picnic or maybe they needed something to sit on while they were fishing!

We had a nice day and our metal detecting take was a whole 11 cents! We did find a bullet in the sand by a volleyball net which was not good considerig the recreation area has a shooting range close by! We could hear the gunshots the whole time we were there!

Coco says Happy Fall!!


Brenda said...

Happy Fall backatcha Coco!

It's sure looking Fallish up your way!

Junebug said...

Hi there Coco! We visited Mena, Arkansas and took the TaliMena Scenic Drive back home. It is supposed to be beautiful in the fall with leaves changing. It was beautiful, especially the mountains but the leaves were only beginning to change. Which didn't bother me.

Donna said...

What a lovely fall outing! And a high-five greeting back to sweet Coco!

Sally said...

Mother Nature is so awesome isn't she, Jeanette? Thanks for the beautiful pictures, and thanks for being my friend. Hi Coco - pretty thing!

Stephanie said...

Pretty pics! I love this time of year.