Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween House

It's 10:30 I am just chillin' here in my jammies. I can hardly stand these exciting Saturday nights!

Marie and I went to Costo this morning. I needed to buy some candy for my department to sell at work for our holiday charity. Every year we have all kinds of different fundraisers to help the families of some patient's being treated here at the hospital. Each area of the department has their own fund raiser like a bake sale or a jewelry sale. One department even had a yard sale at someones house last weekend! We also can wear jeans for the day if we pay $1 That's a popular one! We are selling candy this year. I was able to get a pack of 30 candy bars for less than $9. Anyway, Last year we made $17,000 and we were able to give 17 families $1,000 each. It's always nice to hear about the different families we help.

We took a short walk tonight and saw this (click to make it bigger):

This house actually looks pretty cool with the huge spider hanging on the front and the gravestones have funny names on them like "Justin Pieces". But that thing hanging in the tree is just creepy! It's a skeleton with a white wig and some kind of shawl on. It's a little breezy tonight so it was turning and swaying and with the way the light is shining on it and...well, like I was creepy!

I didn't take many pictues but there is a couple of houses that have pretty orange and green lights up and cute little ghosts hanging on porches, or those blow-up pumpkin heads or black cats or whatever! Some people sure do like to decorate for halloween!


Brenda said...

That's such a wonderful thing that you and your co-workers do for the patients in need Miz Jeanette. I remember once (many, many years ago) when my youngest daughter had a really bad respiratory infection when she was a baby. The hospital wouldn't bring a cot in her room for me to sleep in because I didn't have the $25 per day to pay for it. I slept in the floor beside her crib. A kindness such as you and your department do would have been such a blessing back then.

Sally said...

Yes indeed, those people really did it up good for Halloween!

A few years back my uncle and I were in a cemetery and he called me over to show me a really small gravesite and a stone that read "Otis' Leg". I just looked at it and said "oh, poor baby." My uncle said 'You don't get it?' I was like "Get what?" He started laughing and laughing. Then I "finally" did 'get it'. I'm such a boob sometimes! Do you get it? hahaha

Jeanette said...

Sally-OK It took me a minute but I assume that just the leg was buried there? OMG that's too funny!

Sally said...

See? It only too you a minute, it took me much longer. hahhaha

Have a great week.

dabrah said...

That's a really good halloween house. I liked the Justin Pieces grave, it really made me giggle, and also the sign pointing to Dead End! I think your fundraising is a great idea.

Junebug said...

Great decorations. So cool that you could raise that much money.