Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween and Fall Back

Today is Halloween already! Where did this year go?

Here at work we decorate Halloween bags and fill them with candy. Here they are all hanging on the wall waiting to be filled.

Some people are so imaginative with their decorating. This person just used a glove stuffed with kleenex and red and black magic markers. See the one on the right side of the picture...the one with the stickers on it? Yeah, that's mine..real original I know!

Anyway, Happy Halloween to everyone and don't forget this weekend Daylight Savings Time ends!


Donna said...

LOL, that's quite a funny thing to see all of those decorate bags lined up on a typical corporate grey cubical wall! Oh, how I remember those blasted grey surroundings!

Junebug said...

Your fall leaves photo in the header is very good. Happy Halloween!

Jeanette said...

Donna: I bet you don't miss them a bit, do you?

June: Thanks and Happy Halloween to you, too!

Donna said...

Happy Halloween to You Sweetie!!hughugs

Brenda said...

Ha! I love the trick-or-treat bags! Didja get lots of goodies?