Saturday, October 11, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Seems I've been tagged by Donna at Cottage Days and Journeys.

The rules of this tag are to list 5 things about these 5 things. And then “tag” 5 more people.

OK I love doing these things but I have a strange issue with tagging other people. I don;t know, I'm too scared or shy or something! Anyway, here goes:

10 Years Ago:

1. I had just graduated from college.
2. My daughter was still in high school.
3. I was working as a medical transcriptionist.
4. We were starting the process of selling our house
5. I got my very first brand new car!

5 Things on Today’s “To-Do” List:

1. Go buy the wood for the new floor (done)
2. Order the new cabinets (done 2 1/2 hours later!)
3. Go to breakfast with my best friend (done)
4. Clean my poor neglected house (sort of done!)
5. Sleep in!! (didn't happen)

5 Snacks I Enjoy:

1. Popcorn
2. Nuts
3. Ice cream.
4. Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi
5. Potato chips

5 Things I Would Do If I Were Millionaire:

1. Share the wealth with family
2. Travel
3. Not work
4. Give to charities, especially for animals and children.
5. Volunteer.

5 Places I Have Lived:

1. Detroit, Michigan
2. Farmington Hills, Michigan
3. Wixom, Michigan
4. Redford, Michigan
5. Canton, Michigan

5 Jobs That I Have Had (or still have today, in some cases)

1. Theater concession-stand-worker (whatever that is called!)
2. Dental Receptionist
3. Medical Transcriptionist
4. Church Secretary
5. Administrative Assistant

OK Since I am so shy when it comes to tagging people, if you are reading this consider yourself tagged!!

Thanks again, Donna!


Donna said...

LOL, you did great! Thank you for being a good sport and sharing about yourself!

Brenda said...

I love learning new things about my blog buds, these are great!

Sally said...

You did a great job on the meme. I too love learning new things about the people I care about. (HUGS)

joan said...

Great tag. I love your five. All of you guys have lived in many places, I've only lived in Cincy. LOL Oh well.