Friday, December 12, 2008

TGIF As Usual!

I am so glad is it Friday again. My coworker took the day off and someone else called in sick so we are short here at work. Luckily it's not too busy.

I really would like to get my Christmas shopping done this weekend. I have a dentist appointment at 10:45 Saturday, and we are meeting Chris and Marissa for lunch afterwards. Then we really have to do some touch-up painting in the kitchen and put one more coat of stain on the stair nosing. Oh and somewhere in there I need to clean two bathrooms and get the laundry done!

I am still trying to decide how much baking to do for Christmas. I usually make a few different kinds of cookies, Puppy Chow and some kind of a cake. We are hosting the family this Christmas Eve so I have to make mostaccoli too. Anyway, I need to decide what to bake, make a list and get the ingredients this weekend. Shauna is making a pie that she made for Thanksgiving that everyone loved so maybe I'll just stick with Puppy Chow and a couple different kinds of cookies.

Next weekend we are going to see these guys with my brother and his wife. I love them and can't wait! It should be a awesome concert!

That's all for my exciting life right now. Oh yeah, I had a cystoscopy and everything is clean, no cancer recurrence. It's almost one year since my surgery and so far so good!


Shauna said...

Ohhh that concert will be fun!:)

Sally said...

That's the best news I've heard today; no recurrence. YAY!!!!!

You sure sound busy, so I won't keep you. hahaha

Have a great weekend. (HUGS)

Brenda said...

Wonderful news about the test result!

Slow down and breath, that shopping will get done. Have a great weekend!!

Kim said...

Ahhh, just saw this post...don't you love the TSO?? I've seen them every year but one since 2001! Best show on earth! Hope you enjoy!!