Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Labadee, Haiti

The first full day of our cruise we were "at sea". It was a good chance to really explore the ship, do some shopping, sit in the sun a little and eat a lot! I don't get to the ocean too often so being right in the middle of it, surrounded by water on all sides was wonderful!

On Monday our first stop was Labadee, Haiti!

Labadee is not really a city in Haiti. It's a area that the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and the Carnival Cruise Line have leased from the government for their use.
Its a large area that is surrounded by a huge 10 foot high fence.

There's no port so the ship has to anchor out and we have to take boats, or tenders, to the shore. I could have sat there all day and looked at that ship!

There is several beautiful beaches, a small water park and a Haitian flea market where the locals could sell their stuff! We bought some little souvenirs and Rich bought a voodoo doll! Wonder what he thinks he's going to do with that?! LOL

My daughter's boyfriend Brad was the only one brave enough to do the zip line but after watching him, I wish I would have done it too! It looked like a lot of fun and he said it was a blast!

And of course, they had a very nice buffet lunch, too!

We had a great day on Haiti!!

Next: Montego Bay, Jamaica


Junebug said...

I know what you mean about just staring at that ship! What beautiful water too! Ahhhhhhhh.....

Brenda said...

I'm so cold, I'm so envious, I wish I'd been with you in Haiti!

Stephanie said...

I'm jealous!

Sally said...

Great pictures - wish I was there NOW!!

And, I'm jealous too!! :)

joan said...

Oh that looks so pretty and wonderful with all this snow and cold here. LOL I've never been to Labadee but have been to RCCL's private island Cococay, that is wonderful too.

Anonymous said...

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