Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Or next stop was Montego Bay, Jamaica.

We were able to pull up to a port this time so we stood on the deck and watched the ship dock.

There was a small marketplace set up right on the port so the vendors could attack the minute you walked off of the ship!

Once again, we were awed by the sheer size of the Liberty of the Seas!

We took a guided tour of the city. One of the stops was a place Rose Hall, which is the former home of the "White Witch" who was a woman from the late 1800's who killed several husbands and lovers, and when she was killed herself she was not properly buried so now she haunts the place. They wouldn't go any farther up the hill than what you see in this picture. That's my daughter-in-law Marissa coming back from taking pictures.

We stopped at a small modern shopping center that had a pretty little outdoor area to sit and have some refreshments.

Our guide took us up to a hotel at the top of a very large hill so we could take pictures. Notice the ship. It was beautiful up there. Click on this picture, or any of them for that matter, to get the full effect!

Our final stop was a flea market. Now, I usually love flea markets and kind of enjoy haggling on the price and stuff, but these people drove me crazy. You could not walk two feet without them coming up to you and trying to get you to buy something from them. After a few minutes I just wanted to sit on the bus. I did manage to buy a pretty basket, though.

Jamaica was pretty but not my favorite stop. The tour was only so-so and the people seemed strange to me for some reason. Anyway, we still enjoyed ourselves immensly.

Next: Night scenes from the ship and beautiful sunrises!


Brenda said...

The ship is huge! The scenery is lovely and the weather looks SO great.

Junebug said...

Did you not tour Rose HIll? :D

Sally said...

Wow, more great pictures!! I'm so glad you're sharing the trip with us as these feet will never leave the ground. hahaha

Can't wait for night scenes!!

dabrah said...

What a wonderful trip you're having!