Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Getaway and Easter

Last Saturday I drove up to Frankenmuth and Birch Run to do a little shopping and to get a little "me" time.

Frankenmuth is a little town with a Bavarian theme. It's a popular tourist attraction here in Michigan and they are known for their chicken dinners. There is lots of little shops and a nifty covered bridge.

Birch Run is a large outlet mall with practically every outlet store you can think of from Nike to Corelle and everything in between. I bought this pretty summer purse at the Fossil outlet.

It was rather sad to see there was a lot of empty stores. The economy has really taken it's toll on this outlet. There was a time when you could barely find a parking spot on a Saturday.

I stayed the night and just got some dinner to go, surfed the web, watched a movie (Nights in Rodanthe, good but sad!) and read and just relaxed.

On Sunday morning I wanted to get home early because I had desserts to make for Easter dinner. I was all set to go at about 7:00 am when accidentally locked my keys in the car, with the car running! The hotel clerk had to call a towing company for me and after about 45 minutes they finally got my car open! Luckily he didn't charge me a arm and a leg for calling so early on Easter morning! Then driving home I missed the I-75 to I-23 expressway turn off and went about 20 miles out of my way!

Apparently I can't be left on my own! I still had nice little break and will do that again someday!

Sunday night we had dinner at my dads house. I made a tiramisu bowl which was really good! It was really nice to get together with all of my brothers and sisters-in-law and their kids! I still feel sad going to my dad's house even though my mom's been gone for almost 7 years. I still see her touches all over the place.

It's bittersweet.


Brenda said...

Good for you for getting away for a bit. I LOVE the covered bridge!!!

joan said...

I have a friend who loves Frankenmuth, isn't it the place where it's always Christmas? Love your new purse and sorry you had so much trouble. My Mom's been gone since 2001 and my Dad still has the chalkboard up where she had written the night she died to turn the clocks back, everytime I look at it I think of her, kind of a weird reminder but totally understand what you mean.

Sally said...

Awwwww~I'm glad you had a get-a-way but even locking the keys in the car and missing the turn; you have great attitude about it though! I guess we're all seeing the downside of the economy these days when shopping. That's sure a cute purse.

Holidays really are bittersweet aren't they sweetie when we're missing our loved ones, but we have to go on even though it's hard. I'm glad you have your dad and other loving family. ((hugs)

Jeanette said...

Joan..you are thinking of Bronners, which is a very large Christmas store about a mile away from Frankenmuth.

Judy said...

It IS difficult to go to our parents home when Mom is missing. What is even harder is when the step-mom is there with Dad and you can still see Mother's touches around the place. My Daddy died last June...now when I go to the family home, only step-mom is there, but it is still hard to look over at the chair my Daddy always sat in. I wish she would move it or get rid of it or something.

Donna said...


Donna said...

Hi Sweetie!! I Need Your Address!! You're also a WINNER!!!hughugs

Junebug said...

Are you anywhere near Holland, Michigan? I would so love to visit.