Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hello world!

I took last Friday off work because I needed a little break from the everyday stress of that place! They managed to survive without me so that's a good thing!

Anyway, in the morning I had a appointment for a DXA scan to test for bone density. The girl who did the scan used to work with my daughter. I was surpised to learn she knew her and she was suprised that I was her mother! Must be cuz I'm so young looking!

Then I went to a few garage sales. At one I found this cute little table-top fountain

It was marked $3 and I asked the guy if it worked. He didn't know and sold it to me for $1 just in case. When I got home and put batteries in it, indeed it did not work. I cleaned it up and figured for a dollar it would look cute sitting on my table anyway. However, my husband couldn't resist tinkering with it and got it working. So not only does the water flow, but it plays music too!

I was kind of looking for one of those outdoor fire pits. I saw one last year at a garage sale and passed it up, now I'm kicking myself! Of course, I could just go buy a new one but I'd rather search for a bargain!

The rest of the weekend went by pretty uneventful.

I am trying to get my work schedule changed to 4 days. One of the other girls wants to pick up more hours in the fall and I can afford to let her have one of my days. It would be so awesome to have a three-day weekend EVERY weekend!

Now if we can just get the powers-that-be to agree!


Sally said...

How cute is that!! I'm glad Rich got it to work and ALL for a dollar. I used to LOVE garage sales!

Oh, I hope you can do the 4 day a week; I know that would make you SO happy. :)

Donna said...

I was on a 4-day work week schedule for many years and it was WONDERFUL! You get used to the 10 hour days quickly. You can get errands and some chores done on Fridays and then have the weekend to relax and have a little fun! I hope you get it!

Brenda said...

Aww, that's such a sweet find, especially for just a dollar!

I hope the powers agree so you can whittle down your work week to 4 days!

Our fire pit is an old tractor hub. Works great. :-)

Sally said...

Happy Friday, girl!! Have a great weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

My baby girl will be 30
on July 27.
Not possible. And she was raised in the Michigan!
Susan in OH

Junebug said...

I had a DXA scan and the Dr. wanted to put me on Actonel but I decided that since I am not menipausal yet I would try some different things before I actually committed to Actonel. I didn't like what I read about side effects.

Donna said...

Love the fountain!! Smart hubby to get it fixed!!hughugs