Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Over

Well, it's Sunday once again! How come Fridays don't get here as fast as Sunday's do??

Today we went to the Toledo Zoo. Last time we went there the kids were quite young and they had a panda bear exhibit. It was crowded, people were coming from all over to see the panda bears. All I really remember is we stood in line for hours to see two blobs of black and white fur because they were both sleeping!

Oh yeah, THAT was a worthwhile trip!!

Anyway, the weather was beautiful today so we decided to make the hour drive.

So, it's a typical zoo...they have a couple of elephants

The usual tigers and bears and apes and a cute little meerkat standing sentry:

This arrogant-looking bird:

A sleeping wolf:

Various amphibians including this adorable alligator:

These cool looking stingrays:

Then there was this thing!

Gah!! I may have nightmares tonight!


Shauna said...

LOL! I love the arrogant looking bird and I love the stingrays! I have never seen such a cute alligator and that thing is scary! lol. I wanna go!

Donna said...

That beast would scare the wits out of me too! Glad you had a great time, LOL.

Sally said...

OMG~I'm glad you had a nice day, but surely that "thing" would cause anyone nightmares!! EEK!!

Have a good week; Friday will be here before you know it. (((hugs)))

Brenda said...

What IS that thing?

Doncha just love the zoo? The older I get the more fond I am of the peace and quiet in the butterfly house. :-)

Sally said...

Hey! It's hump day. Smile BIG for me now!! :)

Donna said...

A Turtle???? Uggggg!!Hahaa...hughugs