Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Got Nothin'

I've been pretty quiet on this blog because there is not much going on these days. I spent my last Friday off cleaning the crap out of my house and going to the grocery store. That pretty much took up the whole day!

On Saturday, Shauna, Marissa and I went to my niece Kristy's baby shower. It's always nice to see the in-laws, and some live out of state so we don't see them often.

Sunday my SIL Linda and I went shopping for a yet another baby shower on Sunday. This time on my side of the family. Lots of family babies being born lately! Most have been boys so I'm hoping for a girl on this one!

Yesterday Shauna came here to the hospital for a job interview. It would be awesome if she worked here too! It would be a good job with good benefits!

My clematis is growing like crazy again this year. Let's hope it hangs on. Last year it grew like crazy, then two-thirds of it died off half way through the year! This year I am going to leave it alone and not fertilize it and see if that makes a difference! I will post a picture soon!

Hope you all are doing well. If you read me please become a follower. I am going to go start following all of the blogs that I read, too!


Sally said...

Oh, I hope Shauna gets the job! That would be so nice for both of you.

Where is your 'follow' button; don't see it.

I got nothin' much either, at least that I can talk about. aarrgghh

Life is good! said...

oh, i love clematis. maybe i should plant one. i'm not good at growing flowers so maybe i better just admire everyone elses!

Brenda said...

I hope you're having a happy hump day Miz Jeannette!

Life is good! said...

ok i know i'm stupid, but i can't figure out how to follow you. i don't see a follow button to push and it has to be pretty darn basic for me. please send help soon!!!!!

joan said...

I don't have much either! hahaha.... At least you have a nice clean house!!

Donna said...

Where's your "Followers" thingy? I don't see it!
And don't worry about not having much to blog about...most of us don't either...It's Spring.
Happy night sweetie!