Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snow, Snow, Go Away!

Well, we survived the "big" snow last week which turned out to only be about 9 inches...not too bad considering that we were expecting 15. Anyway, schools closed and lots of people did not go to work.

I did though.

Here's the driveway after I pulled out!

Driving away.....

I just took my time and enjoyed the lack of traffic. Mu car is a all wheel drive so it was not too hard to drive the snow covered streets. Most of the people in my department showed up, too. Such dedicated employees! Anyway, I would rather save my paid time off for fun stuff!!

It was brutally cold this morning it was -13 in Ann Arbor where I work! But I think (hope) that we may be past the coldest part of the winter now. It's warming up a little and may even be 40 by the end of the week!!

Anyway, I'm getting tired of talking about the weather!

Rich is recovering nicely from his surgery. He has another week and a half before he sees the surgeon again. Then, hopefully, he'll get cleared to go back to work. I know he's getting restless!

The fur babies are getting restless, too! They miss the open windows and sunny spots to lay in!

I love the survival instinct "I'll kill you if you try to take my water" look in his eyes when he's drinking from the faucet!


Donna said...

Glad to hear your husband is healing up good! I agree that this winter can just "shoo!" right now! LOL.

dabrah said...

That's a lot of snow. That's a pretty cat.

Sally said...

So glad Rich is doing well! And, so good to see you!!

I don't blame you for wanting to save your time for fun either. But, at the same time, glad you have good transportation to drive - I can't even imagine. I hate even drivin' in the rain. Of course, these girls don't think I CAN drive. lol

Hope the rest of your family are doing well, buddy. Take care!

Donna said...

Awwww...SO glad your husband is doing so well!!!
And OVE the fur baby shot!
I also have 4wheel drive on my jeep...LOVE IT!!!

Grandma K said...

It's wonderful Rich is doing so much better.

I think you were remarkably brave to venture out, but then just a rain is something for me to deal with.

I know your winter has been a bear, and we've broken all sorts of weather measurement. I sincerely the worst is over and this freezing weather will break.

Grandma K said...

I'm glad Rich is doing better.

I am amazed that anyone would drive on snow like that! But then around here, it's merely rain that sets people off to drive like fools. I was so amazed that most folks stayed home during our ice attacks.

I, too, am hoping most of the cold weather is gone, This winter has made me realize how much stuff you guys have to live through.

Brenda said...

Great news about Rich!

I'm also tired of Winter. It was much warmer today and supposed to be increasingly warmer next week. Yeeehaaaa!

Life is good! said...

darling cat. mine too is wanting to go out and play. it will still be a few weeks though. hope your snow is melting. have a great week!


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