Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chomping At The Bit

Rich has been chomping at the bit being home all of the time. He sees the surgeon again on Tuesday morning and plans on being at work Tuesday afternoon! That is providing the doctor clears him, which I'm sure he will. Actually, he has to because I just turned around from the computer to ask him what he was watching on TV and he was watching Hanna Montana! So yeah, he definitely has to go back to work!!

It's been quite warm this week and all that snow is probably about 85% gone. The only snow left is where it was piled up 7 feet!

See this little box of beads?

I dropped it all over the carpeted floor the other day! And yes I picked them all up and am sorting them out again!! I'm that anal!

I bought these candle holders and dishes at the thrift store last week.

So I can make a bunch of these cute little jewelry holders.

That's my latest project. I plan on selling them at my garage sale this Spring and maybe giving some for Christmas gifts next year. 

It's nice and sunny out...maybe I'll see if I can drag Rich away from Hanna Montana long enough to take walk with me!


Sally said...

HANNAH MONTANA! LOLOL Poor Rich! If he can't go back to work, Tuesday afternoon maybe you should buy him "Honey we shrunk the kids", I've watched that or listened to it about 4,000 times when Hunter was here!! It's actually funnier than HM. :)

I hope he goes on a walk with you. :)

You are So clever; I love what you're doing with the plates and candle holders, so cute!!

Sally said...

Oh, and I love the way your blog is looking; don't you love the different fonts we can use now. Your's are very pretty!!

Donna said...

Yeah, he most certainly needs to go back to work before he completely rots his brain! LOL. Love those candlestick/china pedastals. I keep thinking that I will make some, but that means I have to unpack the antique dishes in the storage room. Not! Love the plate with the mesh edge, which is perfect for dangling the earrings!

susan said...

Jeanette-Glad to hear your husband is recovering and if he is watching Miley Cyrus on tv, he MUST be ready to get back to work :). Thanks for stopping by. I will put Nonna on my list!

Donna said...

Hahahahaa....omg.....Poor Hubby!
I can't Stand Hannah....
LOVE your idea using candlesticks and plates!!! May try it for my girls as gifts!

Tiffany said...

Oh dear. Hanna Montana? He IS in a bad way, isn't he? :D

Shelley said...

Hannah Montana? You may need to check his head for a fever - lol! Love your jewelry holders - very cute idea!!

Dolly said...

Oh no Rich needs a hobby!

Did you order all this snow?
I didn't think we were going to get any more, I was getting to like the warmer weather we got teased with!

Stay warm

from my front porch... said...

Yep, the poor man needs to go back to work!
Love the stuff you are working on. So very creative :) You should have a giveaway!!!!
Keep us updated on Rich...poor man!
xo, misha

Kim, USA said...

Wow these are all pretty. The last photo is an amazing idea. Hmmmm I think it's time to visit or thrift store here. Thanks for the visit and happy Tuesday!
Barn Charm

Julie Harward said...

Wow, you have had a lot of snow! I can't believe you picked up all those tiny beads! Good luck with the Hannah Montana guy! ;D