Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm NOT Talking About Snow Anymore...

Ok I am..but just for a second because we went from this:

To this again!!

OK I realize it's only February but this month sure is lasting a long time for a short month, you know!

So Rich went back to work today, 5 weeks and two days after surgery. He saw the surgeon yesterday and after he checked his incisions and declared everything ok..he kept Rich in the room for another half-hour talking about world events and other non-surgical related things! Guess he figured he'd get his two cents in before Rich leaves the office and never has to see him again (hopefully)!

So back to work he goes. I think he's glad although I think he's gonna miss Hanna Montana!!


Sally said...

LOL! Rich and Hannah Montana, that cracks me up!! I'm sure the employess that work with him were really excited to see him back. :)

Hunter thinks this is a long month also since she's been anticipating her 5th birthday on Sunday. Lorda mercy!

Happy Hump Day! :)

Laura said...

Glad your husband is doing well.
Gah! The snow! Just not diggin' it! ;-)

from my front porch... said...

You should buy him a Hannah DVD! He can watch it the evenings :)
I know what you mean about the cold weather! We have had beautiful days. My tulips are coming up! But, I know we are not finished with winter....
Wonderful day to you!
xo, misha

Brenda said...

Hang in there, Springs a'comin'! I've seen hopeful spots of daffodils and bloomin' trees down here this week.

judemiller1 said...

Every day I think we are done with snow and snows. I think it is a new Michigan Law that it has to snow a little each day. RATZ!! I am looking forward to tulips and daffodils!!

Dolly said...

I am sick of snow too!
Wishin for spring to be here NOW!

Enjoy your weekend!

Smiles, Dolly