Sunday, June 23, 2013

Miscellaneous Stuff

Well summer is finally officially here!

Just thought I would share some things that made me smile lately.

A male duck was sitting on our roof a last week. 

And then a few days later we saw a female duck  walk out of our backyard and continue down the street with her three babies.  I love that we have so many ducks and rabbits around here in the summer! '

This guy was sitting right outside our door wall looking toward the house!  I have been putting lettuce leaves outside every few days and I think maybe he was asking for more!!!

This is by far the cutest baby I have ever seen on TV! So cute I had to take a picture!

More stuff in a few days.

Until then...


GrandmaK said...

Cute things!

Sally said...

Oh my, you're being visited by cute ducks and a bunny! How sweet. They know you are a good neighbor. :)

That really is a cute baby!

I can't wait for December, speaking of babies. We still won't know for a few weeks, I think, if boy or girl. We're thinking boy, but Britt says probably not since all she seems to push out are girls.

Oh, and a friend of Britt's little boy said (okay, he call Britt Tee Tee) Anyway, Cameron says "Tee Tee since you're having all these babies, can we share the next one 'cause Mama doesn't want any more kids."


wenn said...

Have a nice day!

Donna said...

Awwww....lovin' me some Babies! Ducks or otherwise!Hahaaa

Donna said...

Hahaha, how funny to see a duck sitting on a roof! Guess he liked the view! And I see that Marty has hopped over to visit you. Watch out - he's a notorious moocher!