Saturday, July 20, 2013

What's Going On Lately

Summer sure seems to be flying by. It's been pretty humid the past week or so which makes it hard to have any ambition to do much, but there's been a few things worthy of posting about.

We switched cable companies a few weeks ago and at the same time  my lap top computer stopped connecting to the Internet. We knew it wasn't a problem  with the cable because it received a strong wi-fi signal, it just wouldn't connect. 

Shauna's boyfriend Brad is a computer programming engineer so I asked him if he would take a look at it. I figured if anyone could figure out what was wrong, he could. So one night I hauled it to their apartment and let him have at it. He worked hard, too.  See?

He had the laptop open on the left and his computer and he was looking up stuff and trying different things and rebooting the lap top, but nothing was working.  I sat there with them for a few hours and he still hadn't figured it out so I left it with him to do whatever. I figured if he couldn't fix it then it would make a nice hot plate because without connecting to the Internet it was pretty useless to me! 

Anyway,  he worked on it whenever he could and finally got it working! Seems it was some remote file that needed to be updated. He said from what he read about that particular file it should have stopped working shortly after we got it in 2008! It had nothing to do with our switching cable companies, just a weird coincidence! Oh well, it works now and I am grateful for his hard work! 

Talking about weird, you see the light fixture in our small 1/2 bath with the globe missing? One morning last week I was sitting in there minding my own business and the globe suddenly fell straight down hitting the faucet and smashing into the sink! It probably was around last Christmas when I took the globe off to either change the bulb or clean it, so it's been slowly working it's way off all this time! I'm just glad I didn't get cut with flying glass, or there wasn't damage done to the sink. Just a very tiny scratch on the faucet. 

Plus we found this pretty replacement globe which I like much better than the plain white one!

There's a few more things but I'll save it for the next post.

Until then......


Sally said...

So happy to see you!

Glad Brad was able to fix the laptop and goodness how great that you didn't get hit with a flying shard of glass. I bet that spooked you good.

The humidity is kind of rough here, but not near as bad as yours, I'm sure.

I've taken the day off today. Oh wait, I do that every day.

Love ya buddy.

wenn said...

Glad that your pc is fixed. No need to send it to the techinician.

Judy said...

Are you sure you don't have poltergist's in the house? hahaha Glad you weren't hurt. I have the same paint color in my bathroom.

Donna said...

Glad you got the laptop going again! You really have to do the updates on a regular basis...
SO glad you weren't cut when it fell!!!

Donna said...

Gosh, that crashing lamp globe would have scared me to death! It's a good thing you weren't hurt. And YEAH for folks that know how to fix computers when they have hiccups!